But before you start rooting through your fridge and cupboards, be sure to drink a glass of cold water and wait 15 minutes.
To maximize that feel-full factor, choose 100 percent whole grains such as brown rice and oatmeal.
Half of every plate or snack should be colorful produce, which is a combo of fiber and water to fill you up on fewer calories, says Somer. Studies show that people who include broth-based soups (even the low-calorie ones) in their diets consume fewer calories at mealtime.
If you haven’t tried green smoothies yet, you’ve been missing out on a seriously nutrient-dense snack. With all the food restrictions that come with plans like the Atkins Diet or South Beach Diet, low-carbohydrate dieters often experience confusion about just what they can eat. In compiling a list of low-carbohydrate foods, it is important to keep in mind that not all nutritionists recommend a strictly low-carbohydrate diet as a healthy way to lose weight.
Self Nutrition Data lists the carb counts of the low-carb foods listed below in their searchable database. Most unprocessed proteins come from animal sources and are extremely low in carbohydrates, containing one gram of carbohydrates per three ounce serving or fewer. It's important to exercise some care in choosing processed meats such as hot dogs and sausages. Most full-fat dairy is low in carbohydrates; however, you should limit quantities to one to two ounces daily. You can eat most vegetables in relatively unlimited amounts on a low-carbohydrate diet plan.
Other vegetables, like salad greens, spinach and green onions, also are very low in carbohydrates. If you use them in limited amounts, a number of jarred sauces can be part of a low-carbohydrate diet. Going on a low carb diet is a good way to lose weight, but you need to eat different low carb foods to maintain variety. Phosphorus is an essential mineral, which contributes to the bone strength and production of energy from food, it activates various enzymes, vitamins and hormones and helps to maintain acid-base balance.
Phosphorus (P) in foods and in the human body does not appear as a free element but rather as a phosphorus-oxygen compound phosphate (PO4). Phosphate appears as phytic acid in plant foods, as phosphoric acid in soft drinks and as phosphate salts in dietary supplements and food additives. NOTE: Phosphate as a nutrient should not be confused with a highly toxic elemental white phosphorus found in chemical laboratories.
The richest sources of phosphorus are foods with phosphate additives: fast food, cheese, canned foods. Common foods low in phosphorus include white bread, rice, pasta, fresh fruits, most vegetables and water. If you have a chronic kidney disease with phosphate retention, your doctor may recommend you to limit phosphorus intake to 800-1,000 mg per day [38]. High blood phosphate levels in individuals with chronic kidney disease are associated with increased mortality [15]. Many commercially prepared foods, such as fast food, canned fish, commercial baked goods and cola, contain phosphate additives.
E541  Sodium aluminium phosphate (acidic sodium aluminium phosphate is used in a baking powder [leavening agent] and alkaline sodium aluminium phosphate as a food additive in processed cheese [19]. We absorb 10-50% of organic phosphorus naturally present in plant foods, about 50% of organic phosphorus naturally present in animal foods and 80-100% of inorganic phosphorus from phosphate food additives and dietary supplements [26,27]. Phosphate binders, such as calcium acetate or carbonate, sevelamer hydrochloride, lanthanum carbonate, and aluminium or magnesium hydroxide, are drugs that, when taken with meals, bind phosphorus from foods and partially prevent its absorption [30,31]. Diet high in both phosphorus and calcium has not been proven harmful for bones in healthy individuals. It seems that the risk of tooth decay depends more on the sugar than phosphoric acid content of cola [36,37]. There is insufficient evidence about the effect of either high- or low-phosphorus diet on the kidney stones risk [40]. Phosphorus deficiency refers to low body phosphorus stores, which may or may not result in low blood phosphate levels, because phosphate stores are mainly within the cells. NOTE: Even people on restricted diets (vegan, fruitarian, low-carb, raw foods), until they are healthy and eat regularly, are unlikely to develop phosphate deficiency or hypophosphatemia. Acute hypophosphatemia can result from hyperventilation during panic attack, alcohol withdrawal or aspirin poisoning, starvation followed by a high-carbohydrate diet (refeeding syndrome), correction of hypoglycemia by intravenous glucose, or insulin injection in diabetic ketoacidosis. Chronic hypophosphatemia can result from reduced phosphate absorption due to long-term use of large amounts of sucralfate, aluminium, calcium or magnesium antacids, supplements or laxatives, Crohn’s or celiac disease, chronic diarrhea, vitamin D deficiency, reduced phosphorus intake in alcoholism or anorexia nervosa, or excessive phosphate loss in urine due to overactive parathyroid glands (hyperparathyroidism), untreated diabetes mellitus, cancer, genetic kidney diseases or heavy metal poisoning. In healthy people, diet rich in phosphorus does not likely increase blood phosphate levels but it can do so in individuals with end-stage kidney failure. Other causes include cancer, the use of calcium or phosphate supplements in high doses, vitamin D (calcitrol) intoxication, phosphate laxatives abuse and muscle damage (rhabdomyolysis). Chronic hyperphosphatemia can result in calcium-phosphate deposits and damage of the kidneys, heart valves, arteries, tendons, eyes, skin and other organs [4]. High and even high-normal blood phosphate levels were associated with increased risk of coronary heart disease in healthy individuals [9,39] and with increased mortality in individuals with heart and kidney disease, but to establish the actual cause-effect relationship more studies are needed [15,16].
Phosphate supplements are mainly used to correct or prevent low blood phosphate levels in severely malnourished persons, chronic alcoholics, individuals with uncontrolled diabetes mellitus and after the removal of the overactive parathyroid glands. Typical doses of phosphate supplements to treat hypophosphatemia are 1-3 grams per day; it is your doctor who can prescribe appropriate dose for you, though. Oral and intravenous sodium or potassium phosphate is POSSIBLY EFFECTIVE in prevention of  hypophosphatemia during quick carbohydrate feeding after a pronged period of starvation (refeeding syndrome) [24]. There is INSUFFICIENT EVIDENCE about phosphate salts effectiveness in sensitive teeth, heartburn, severe burns, hyperparathyroidism, vitamin D resistant rickets, as a laxative for bowel preparation before colonoscopy [24], and in prevention of calcium kidney stones in individuals with increased calcium excretion into the urine (hypercalciuria) [49]. Possible side effects of oral or intravenous phosphate supplements may include nausea, diarrhea, bone or joint pain, muscle twitching (tetany) or cramps, headache, convulsions, irregular heartbeat, numbness or tingling around the lips, hands and feet [12,24]. Intravenous phosphates may, rarely, decrease white blood cells count [10]. The use of intravenous sodium phosphate along with thiazide diuretics may cause kidney damage [11]. Phosphate supplements overdose may cause electrolyte disturbances: hyperphosphatemia, hypocalcemia, hypomagnesemia, hypokalemia, hyperkalemia, hypernatremia or metabolic acidosis. Speak with your doctor if you intend to use phosphate salts and you have a heart, liver, kidney, lung or thyroid disease or leg swelling (edema) of any cause. Phosphate supplements may worsen burns, pancreatitis, rickets, osteomalacia, underactive parathyroid or adrenal glands and toxemia of pregnancy [24]. Phosphate salts should not be used in hyperphosphatemia, hypocalcemia and hypernatremia [sodium phosphate] or hyperkalemia [potassium phosphate]. Supplements and drugs that reduce phosphate absorption: calcium, magnesium and aluminium antacids, iron supplements, the anticonvulsant phenytoin and bile acid binders cholestyramine and colestipol. Blood phosphate levels are closely related to calcium levels and are regulated mainly by parathormone, vitamin D and Fibroblast Growth Factor 23 (FGF23).
High amount of phosphate in the urine, for example, after drinking large amounts of milk, which is high in phosphorus and calcium, can result in formation of phosphate crystals in urine and cloudy urine [45].
Edible bone phosphate (E542) is derived from animal bones, so it is not vegan; it is also not GRAS [21]. The information on this site is for educational purposes only and should not be considered diagnostic or medical advice. In fact, not only did I use to be completely oblivious to foods low in carbs, I had NO idea what the implications of eating too many carbohydrates, or even not enough, could be. Most of my life I have been overweight, but some years ago I realised that I had to do something serious about it. Today I am proof that it can be done, and I plan to use my expertise and experience to help other people like me, who believe they will achieve their perfect weight.
This has led to me trying some weird and wonderful diets over the years, with the cabbage diet leaving the most vivid of memories even if if it didn’t actually shift the pounds.
However, the decision to lose weight was soon taken out of my hands, following a visit to my doctor where I discovered that if I didn’t lose weight, I faced serious health problems and even premature death.
So I decided to educate myself, not only on healthy living but also on where I was going wrong with my current diet so I could make positive and permanent changes. Low carb foods were not dominant in my old diet at all, in fact without even realising I seemed to have gravitated to a diet rich in carbohydrates.
I made a decision there and then that this time I WOULD lose the weight and keep it off too. While I had some worries about how a completely new eating plan would fit in with my home life and work schedule, I decided that by becoming an expert in foods low in carbs, I would be able to weave my new healthier way of living into my private and work life, without people seeing a join.
My website is a culmination of several years of studying healthy eating including understanding low carb foods, choosing the right recipes and experience in fitting my new lifestyle into my family life. According to the Harvard School of Public Health, carbohydrates are an important part of a healthy eating plan. However, it wasn’t always bad news, as certain foods I had written off as being bad were actually low carb foods, for example, eating chocolate is much better than eating candy. I learned that in order to exact an immediate change in my diet, I would have to figure out how to introduce low carb foods into my family’s menu, without upsetting everyone too much. While eating low carb foods is important, it is also crucial for a person to find the perfect balance between protein, fat and carbohydrates. Healthy Carbs – Also known by experts as slow-acting or complex carbohydrates, this type of carb will raise a person’s blood sugar level slowly and prevents them from feeling hungry for longer.
Unhealthy Carbs – These are known as fast-acting or simple carbohydrates and they also increase a person’s blood sugar levels, only at a much faster rate than healthy carbs. Effectively, unhealthy carbs, such as cake, cookies and fries, will not fill you up adequately.
Low carb foods, such as lentils, beans and wholegrain bread, fill you up and prevent you from snacking on more food as they keep hunger at bay for longer. When I first started looking into low carb foods and how they could help change my diet, I understood very little and was, admittedly, blinded by science.

While these changes may seem insignificant, they would make a huge difference to my family’s diet.
The pork tenderloin is cut carefully in the length direction on the side to create a large flat piece of meat. My previous dieting attempts had all started in a similar vein, with gusto and enthusiasm but all ended in pretty much the same way – with me feeling miserable and with little noticeable weight loss. However, a successful diet plan includes a regular exercise routine, even if it is short and relatively light.
I realise how difficult it is to lose weight, how hard it is to understand what you can, and can’t eat. As with any change in life, people are most likely to be successful if they have the support of their family and friends. Certain additives, especially those used to prolong the life of certain foods such as processed meat, are full of fat. Preservatives and sweeteners are commonly found in foods my kids love, such as candy, soft drinks, and child-focused foods such as spaghetti O’s and hot dogs.
So, I decided to choose my kid’s favorite foods and alter what I needed to ensure the recipe used foods low in carbs. This easy low carb foods recipe takes around 30 minutes from preparation to serving and is a hit in my house.
One of the most important things about carbohydrates and in particular, low carb foods is that you do have to find the right balance to suit your body’s needs. Ketosis is rare if you ensure your diet contains enough low carb foods to cover your required calorie intake. Although I have now successfully lost the weight I needed too, I am still intent on remaining on the healthy eating track.
The “Bell Peppers” recipe I have shared above is a firm family favorite in our house, but I have lots more to share. Essentially, I am in a very happy place right now, some days are more of an effort than others.
In many studies, a Low GI diet will have better results than a low fat diet, prevent diabetes, coronary heart disease, macular degeneration and other ailments, where as a High GI diet contributes to obesity!  This is the secret little key for keeping you in optimal shape! So we have now learned what would be a better fruit or veggie to swap out with we had previously been using, but had no idea that it was so high on the GI index!  Now we can get to the good stuff!  Not saying fruits and veggies are not good, but how about all those snacks we eat?  How do they stack up? Since people often mistake thirst for hunger, you may find the craving to eat subsides, Somer says.
The filling fiber in oats helps balance blood sugar levels, unlike the roller coaster ride caused by sugary breakfasts, says Somer. This lesser-known grain packs a hefty dose of fiber and antioxidants, with fewer carbs and calories than its white and brown counterparts. They’re excellent sources of fiber and may help prevent against disease, studies have found. So if you’re at a restaurant, try a broth-based soup with fiber-filled veggies (like this one!) to help you eat less and keep your hands out of the bread basket.
Research has shown that regularly consuming low-fat or fat-free dairy products is a habit that can help you stay satisfied and slim. Made with spinach, kale, collard, mustard or any other greens, green drinks are rich in vitamins and minerals, while providing feel-full fiber for very few calories (and no, they don’t quite taste like salad). Check with your doctor for underlying health issues, and make sure you educate yourself about the basics of low-carbohydrate eating before undertaking a low-carbohydrate diet. Try to select processed meats with no added sugar and less than two grams of carbohydrates per serving, and overall try to limit intake of processed meats. How many depends largely on the recipe the meat processor uses, as well as how much sugar is in the meat. It's best to avoid or minimize starchier vegetables, such as carrots, turnips, beets, peas and corn. However, some fruits are often restricted on low-carb eating plans because they are high in sugar, a form of simple carbohydrate. It is important to note that the body processes alcohol differently than other nutrients, and this can cause blood sugar to be erratic. By choosing a variety of proteins, vegetables and fruits from the list of low-carbohydrate foods above and working closely with your doctor, you may be able to experience better health through low-carbohydrate eating. Institute Of Medicine (IOM), Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for phosphorus for adults is 700 mg per day [1].
On the other hand, a low-phosphorus diet, which is usually low in protein, may lead to protein-energy wasting, which was, in one study from y. This means, foods with phosphate additives may be the richest sources of phosphorus that is actually absorbed.
Diet high in phosphorus and low in calcium could theoretically result in osteoporosis (low bone density), but more research is warranted [1,27]. In all these cases, glucose quickly passes from the blood into the cells along with phosphate and thus lowers blood phosphate levels.
Complications may include rickets (bone deformities in children) or osteomalacia (soft bones in adults). Symptoms are usually absent but may include tingling around the mouth, fatigue, itchy skin and muscle cramps. Intravenous phosphate is now rarely used to treat hypercalcemia because of common severe side effects [33].
The UL does not apply to individuals with kidney failure in which maximal allowed phosphate intake should pbe determined individually. Rarely, various ingredients of the supplement preparation can trigger severe allergic reaction (anaphylactic reaction) with hives, swollen face and lips and difficulty breathing [13].
Food and Drug Administration (FDA), phosphate supplements are pregnancy category C, which means, harmful effects for the babies are not known due to lack of human studies [11]. Other acute complications include acute kidney failure, severe hypotension, acute kidney failure or even death [24].
It can be absorbed in the colon and cause hyperphosphatemia, hypocalcemia or acute kidney injury or even death [8,24]. The test can be done to find the cause of abnormal blood phosphate or calcium levels or to evaluate kidney damage in chronic kidney disease, to find the cause of kidney stones, rickets or osteomalacia.
I offer the best of both worlds, experience of living through a change in diet and lifestyle, as well as the expertise that comes from this experience and lots and lots of research and trying.. As I said before, I have never been slim, in fact I have never been more than a few kilos within my appropriate weight range my entire life.
Since having my children, Benjamin is eight and Clarissa is three, I managed to weigh more than I ever had done in the past.
My family, as with most people, are my life and the thought of leaving my children without a mother purely because I was overweight scared me. I wanted to not only learn about healthy eating habits, I wanted to ensure I became an expert in them!
Couple this with a distinct lack of exercise and it wasn’t difficult to see why I had piled on the weight, in a relatively short space of time too. My first port of call was my husband, Jerry – whose support I knew I would need if I was to pull off this staggering change in lifestyle. Not only does carbohydrates aid healthy organ function, they are also essential fuel for an individual’s body before physical activity. The last thing I wanted to do was make my family feel like they were on an enforced diet too. However, my motivation to learn, coupled with my determination to make positive change and several years of research mean I can now confidently call myself an expert in low carb foods and healthy living in general. Myself, I needed to make bigger, more permanent changes to ensure I achieved the long lasting results I wanted. The meat is spread with salt and pepper and fresh herbs, and the meat is rolled back to original shape and tied with string.
I had tried, and failed, at a least a dozen or more diets – most of them “fad” diets like the horrendous cabbage diet, which left me feeling bloated and generally unwell.
This is a classic example of not understanding what food offers the most for my body, without causing weight gain. I am far from lazy, I do lots of running around after the kids and looking after the home and my husband. I started by purchasing myself an exercise bike, which I rode for around 30 minutes a day before gradually building up pace and time. I also know how difficult it is for a person, who is overweight and lacking in confidence, can find introducing exercise, low carb foods and a rash of other changes in their life, difficult.
I had already secured the support of my husband, my next challenge was to ensure I could get Benjamin and Clarissa, my kids on side too.
This means they will have no idea what constitutes low carb foods, preservatives or additives. When eaten, the body stores this fat for future use, in much the same way as high and low carb foods.
Obviously, the kids were not on the diet with me but I felt introducing low carb foods into their diet could only have benefits.
However, it is just as important to find low carb foods that you and your family can enjoy together, so you can still all enjoy eating together as a family. My kids love peppers and tomatoes, so I decided to try a recipe crammed full of low carb foods for my first meal. Ground turkey is much healthier that beef and is one of the most versatile low carb foods you can find.
You can also add the spices at this point and stir until the mixture is bubbling, once really hot – add the cheese and take off the heat.

Not only does it more than accommodate my low carb diet, it is a tasty dish the family can enjoy with me.
A study conducted by the Vanderbilt University found that individuals whose diet consisted of too many low carb foods were most likely to suffer from a condition called Ketosis. The benefits of eating low carb foods most defintely far outweigh any possible negative consequences. I found it difficult at first balancing a change in diet with my family, work and social life. I also want to provide information on low carb foods that will help address issues, questions and any possible reservations people may have about introducing more food low in carbs into their diet. I want to share this relatively simple way (when you know how) to lose weight with other people too.
Low Glycemic Foods!  What are Low Glycemic Foods, which ones are High Glycemic and how does a food being Low Glycemic help us lose weight, amongst many other benefits!?
Who knew that natural cherries were one of the lowest glycemic fruits on the planet?  Or that parsnips are one of the highest GI vegetables?  Which ones surprise you the most? The good news is there are plenty of healthy foods and meal combinations you can enjoy to help you feel full without breaking your calorie bank. But, if you truly are hungry, reach for these weight loss-friendly foods when you need more substance for fewer calories. According to Foods That Cause You To Lose Weight: The Negative Calorie Effect, one cup of broccoli contains just 25 calories and requires up to 80 calories to digest in the body, meaning you’ve burned 55 calories just by eating it! Two cups contain less than 100 calories and nearly half the recommended daily value of vitamin C! Beans specifically are a great food for waistline watchers as they also contain fiber, complex carbs and a host of antioxidants and nutrients. Pro tip: Ask the server to put half of your main dish in a to-go container before you see it on your plate. To get the recommended three servings per day, try starting your day with a cottage cheese- or yogurt-based breakfast, drink a glass of low-fat milk with your afternoon snack, or opt for low-fat chocolate milk post-workout (which may also help with exercise recovery!). Therefore, when selecting processed meats (such as ham, sausage, salami, and bacon) it is important to read the manufacturer's labels to determine the level of carbohydrates they contain.
All nuts should be either raw or dry roasted, and beware of honey-roasted products or those that contain other added sugar. While these are general estimates, be sure to read labels for carb counts for specific brands. Healthy individuals, including vegans and pregnant women, can easily get enough phosphorus from common plant or animal foods.
On the food labels in Europe, food additives may be listed only with E-numbers and not with their full names. Hypophosphatemia can also develop after the removal of overactive parathyroid glands due to quick incorporation of phosphorus into the bones (hungry bone syndrome).
Occasional use of phosphate salts is likely safe for most people, but long-term use should be monitored by a doctor [24]. The test results should be interpreted along with urine and blood levels of calcium, vitamin D and other substances.
Increased phosphate excretion into urine by itself is not harmful but it may increase the risk of calcium kidney stones [23]. Lacking motivation, I pushed my weight problems out of my mind and concentrated on raising a family and working part-time as a bank clerk.
In fact, around 50% of an adult’s daily calorie intake needs to be made up of carbohydrate. However, choosing foods low in carbs ensures a person can manage their weight more effectively – as their carb intake is purely for body fuel, and not for weight gain.
Potatoes and pasta are both a rich source of carbohydrate, which is fine if you are able to burn off the carbs you are eating. Once I had lost a little weight and felt confident, I went to local swimming baths for a short swim, around 20 minutes and some time in the sauna.
They hadn’t noticed the subtle changes I had already made to the family menu but I knew if I wanted low carb foods to become a permanent part of my eating plan, I would have to think of a way we could all eat together as a family. Sweeteners, additives and preservatives are used in a variety of foods, in a variety of ways to provide color, texture and enhanced flavor to mention a few.
However, the fat content in this type of food can be so immense, it takes up a good portion of a person’s calorie allowance for a day. I decided, rather than sit them down and talk to them about and face almost certain resistance, I would simply make a few tasty dishes and try to win them over with my cooking rather than my reasoning. This recipe is an ideal starter dish and while it is low in carbhoydrates, it is tasty, filling and easy to prepare. If, like me, you are a working parent, you can prep the stuffing in the morning before work and then quickly cook the peppers when you return home in time for dinner.
This condition is actually due to carbohydrate deficiency and symptoms include nausea, tiredness and poor concentration.
However, now I am an expert on low carb foods and what is best to eat, everything comes much more naturally to me.
Also, people who suffer from IBS have reported huge improvements of symptoms by sticking to a low GI diet. The key is prioritizing the following three components for weight loss: low-calorie protein, water and fiber.
Cook whole oats in milk for a protein, water and fiber-packed meal that will help prevent overeating later in the day. Consider stocking up on chickpeas, black beans, black-eyed peas, lentils, fava beans, red kidney beans and edamame. Breast milk contains enough phosphorus for exclusively breastfed infants 0-6 months old [1,7,27]. This means everyone on a low-protein diet should take care to get enough proteins, but again, your doctor should tell you how much phosphorus and protein you can take. 2007 [25], regular consumption of soft drinks with phosphoric acid was associated with increased risk of kidney stones. Symptoms are often absent but may include muscle weakness, numbness and tingling, coma or even death. According to Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database, phosphate salts in doses within RDA are likely safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding [24]. This means that while carbohydrates are important, there are such things as good and bad carbohydrates. Any extra carbohydrates are stored by the body for later use, usually in a person’s liver but also in fat pockets around the body.
I also replaced the family supply of pasta, flour and breads with wholegrain and wholemeal versions. However, if you are not using the calories you eat, it doesn’t matter how little you eat, your body will still store fat if you are eating a diet high in carbohydrates. Much of how I felt was down to embarrassment, I felt far too big to go jogging and I most certainly wouldn’t be seen dead in a swimming costume – so I tended to avoid exercise all together. My exercise routine now includes salsa classes and zhumba, which is a great way to meet people as well as stay fit. However, according to the Harvard School of Medicine, additives, preservatives and sweeteners have all been linked to allergies and even behavioral problems such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). If you eat more calories in a day than you burn off, the fat stored in your body will remain and you will gain weight. So, my quest was on to find a dish that would help my low carb foods diet and still appeal to my children’s taste buds. Because, as already mentioned, the average person needs at least 50-percent of their daily calorie intake to consist of carbohydrates, it is important you achieve this amount with your low carb foods. I want to share my expertise through my blog, in the hope it benefits other people, like me, who want to lose weight without it having a significant impact on other areas of their life. My plan is to share my expertise in an easy to understand and, most important, in an easy to implement fashion.
Some researchers suggest avoiding only foods with phosphate additives but not foods with naturally present phosphate [15].
A low-phosphorus, low-calcium diet has not been found very effective in prevention of infected, phosphate-containing kidney stones (struvite stones) [29]. However, if you’re anything like I used to be and you eat a high-carb diet accompanied by little exercise, the carbohydrates remain unused and therefore add to weight gain. The thing I was most worried about, should have been the thing I was most looking forward to embracing – kicking out foods with high levels of sweeteners, additives and preservatives.
Therefore, even a meal prepared with good intentions, such as a ham salad, can actually do more harm than good if the ham is processed and contains additives. When I felt like a candy fix, my Achilles heel I have to say, I would reach for a banana or pear.
My daughter, who has always been the fussiest eater in the house, was less than impressed with the wholemeal bread but adapted to all the other changes well.
I decided white bread would be okay for her, although I still encouraged her to keep trying the wholemeal alternative.

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