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When I announced that I was doing WW I talked about some not-dieting advocates I admire and had very interesting Twitter chats with both Rick and Marsha (at the time I shared them on my Diet Schmiet FB page). When announcing I was starting Weight Watchers, I admitted I constantly felt uncomfortable. Do you focus too much on ‘the numbers’ when trying to lose weight or get fitter or healthier? Disclaimer: I have been given a free six month online membership to Weight Watchers but my thoughts, opinions and words here are my own. A week on holidays and far too many hot chips – I am focusing on the numbers again and my incredible shrinking clothes.
The only thing I disagree about is the rate of your weight loss – to me 5kg in a month is a lot. I also have a tendency to focus too much on the numbers, but am trying to focus more on the things I need to do – eating regular meals, exercising etc. January 29, 2014 You (almost) inspire me to start again as I remember how great I felt after those first few weeks, less bulk, more energy and hardly any wine (hardly) I still smashed back diet coke but MEH. I’m Deborah, a sarcastic 40-something sea-changer who needs to lose weight and writes about books and life.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. I know that the initial losses are just fluid etc, but big losses early (when you have a long way to go) are great for motivational purposes. I started at an awkward time (weighed myself before Christmas but started after) and in the month since then the additional weight has come off – VERY GRADUALLY. I know from past experience that my consumption makes me far hungrier than I am when I’m not having it (or consuming only moderate amounts, which is hard for me!). It hasn’t always been that way, so hopefully this time is different (and sustainable!). I actually did my measurements just after I started so am going to do those again this weekend and see if there’s a difference.
I’m tired of achieving great losses and getting fitter and then just ending up back where I started.
Love that you’re still on your quest to lead a healthy life and that you’re taking risks and doing things you actually enjoy! My mission is to help as many people become savvy shoppers while maintaining a normal lifestyle.
I remember weighing myself when I was 12 at one of those old jockey scales tha gave you a printed ticket with your weight on one side and a saying on the other.

And I love the BitStrips comic and hope you could beam all the leftover Vanilla Coke to me! I found a blog post I’d written after losing about 10kg last time I lost weight and I felt SO much better even though I had a long way to go! One thing that really stuck out to me in this post is that you realised you don’t like the red wine as much and would prefer to use those points elsewhere. For example, I enjoy tasty food just as much as the next person, but I’ve been trying to focus more on the power foods to help me stay sated and within my daily pp total. Coupon Closet is dedicated to bringing you the best deals, delicious recipes, and money saving ideas.
I find that adding a great fat free salsa to scrambled eggs with a little bit of ham, all warmed up, is a great breakfast!

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