I'm sure it's been the same for most people, but over Christmas I really did pig out on all foods bad and tasty and I feel rather gross for it now. So the General Motors diet is a 7 day diet which is supposed to cleanse your body by removing all processed foods, sugars and oils from your diet.
It sounds like hard work from looking at the food plan above, but me and a couple of my friends are going to  give it a go, starting Monday! Important info - During the 7 days, participants are encouraged to stay hydrated and should try to drink at least 10 glasses of water a day. You also would have heard of thousands of diets available out there, but how would you know which one works? What if you come across a secret diet plan devoid of extensive efforts and grueling routines? The GM diet was originally developed by General Motors, in collaboration with the Food and Drug Administration and The United States Department of Agriculture. The diet plan focuses on increased water intake to help achieve maximum weight loss in just seven days. Eat as many as eight bananas and drink at least three glasses of any unsweetened milk.  Potassium and calcium present in bananas and milk are the key part of this diet.
Enjoy a celebration meal of beef and tomatoes, including two 10-ounce portions of lean meat or hamburger with six tomatoes.

It is important to increase your water intake so that your body can get rid of the uric acid that you will be producing on this day. Immediate weight loss- The only reason that makes it apart… is that it helps you lose weight fast!
People tend to lose 11-15 pounds in just a week… which otherwise takes about two months following a grueling routine.
Because the diet includes fruits, vegetables, and lots of water majorly, it ensures that your system is rinsed after seven days. Time span- Since it is only a seven-day long diet plan and provides a fast weight loss, you are most likely to stick to the plan. The best part of the GM diet plan is its systematic cleansing effects which make it possible to lose lots of weight in a short span of time.
This diet helps you get into a habit of eating fresh fruits and vegetables, which prevent you from gaining weight back, once you transcend into your old food habits. En todo caso, como veniamos diciendo, los sillones masaje pueden proporcionarnos multiples beneficios que nos ayudaran a pelear los males modernos. By eating foods that are of natural produce for this amount of time, it is supposed to reduce unhealthy food cravings and boost your metabolism. Let me know if you have any questions of if you've attempted or are going to attempt it yourself!

Try to add Some cumin seeds, coriander leaves, a little salt and some grated ginger mixed in it. The diet includes a combination of complex carbohydrates, low-calorie vegetables, and fruits. Enjoy all your vegetables as a salad and add white or wine vinegar, lemon, and herbs for flavoring. Fruits and vegetables can be mixed in a blender as well for a quick way to consume them on the go. The last day consists of eating all the vegetables you can consume, fruit juices and brown rice. It is a highly restrictive diet (see plan above) and although it is not recommended for long term use, it is supposed to motivate people into keeping a healthy life style, as results should be seen and cravings for sweets and processed foods should be decreased.

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