July 12, 2013 By Carolyn 60 Comments Golden brown zucchini fritters with the salty tang of feta cheese.  A great way to use up zucchini and a perfect low carb appetizer or side dish. You wouldn’t know it from the way I have taken over the kitchen, but my husband is actually an excellent cook. So when I decided to try low carb zucchini fritters, I used that recipe as my gold standard.
With all the hoards of zucchini I know I’ll be getting in my CSA Box, this recipe is definitely come in handy Carolyn. I make zucchini fritters all the time because they like to go crazy in my garden… them and the mint are taking over!! The zucchini and feta combination is a classic Greek recipe – that was how my mother always made her fritters growing up and its how my family in Greece makes them today. It would be your photo, my description of the recipe, and a link to get the recipe from your site. April 18, 2014 by Sparky 7 Comments I am pleased to provide a low carb chicken recipe from guest chef Nicole, who has a formal culinary background and has lost over 65 pounds through the low carb ketogenic diet! Looking for a good low carb chicken recipe that is breaded and cripsy, without the gluten and carbs? Fry the chicken in coconut oil until crispy on both sides, turning often but gently as to no disturb the sexy golden crust. Nicole loved this recipe because it reminded her of the schnitzle her German mother would make when she was a child. I entered all the ingredients into MyFitnessPal Recipe creator and it came to under 2 net carbs per person. When you are finally done compiling the quarterly report, all you can think of is one heavy lunch meal to fuel up your body. Here is a list of low carb lunch ideas you can use to balance both your career and carb intake.

Pack that leftover shrimp, lean steak or skinless chicken breast with diced avocado and shredded carrots.
Toss a handful of dried cranberries in a bowl containing ? cup of sliced almonds and walnuts.
Congratulations you just added another item in your list of delicious low carb lunch ideas.
Greek yogurt and low fat cheese can replace that full-fat milk or greasy French fries for a great low carb and nutrient rich lunch.
Replace potatoes chips and crackers with other non-starchy vegetables to help you reduce your daily carb intake. Now that the cauliflower is cool mix in the egg, goat cheese or mozzarella, parmesan cheese, salt and pepper.
If you wanted to keep the carbs down further you could skip the riata and go for mayo instead. A recipe adapted from taste to bring the carbs nicely in line with my requirements at just 4.35 carbs for a serving of these meatballs. Since making my sweet chilli sauce, I’ve been thinking of ways to use it in some recipes. After visiting a Japanese friend recently I decided I better give this yummy dish a good low carb go. That being said, if he would come up with dishes like this one, I’d give him free rein! Like you said, chicken has a tendency to dry out when re heating, but give it a try and let me know!!
They are good fillers especially if combined with a variety of other veggies such as diced zucchini, red bell peppers and finely chopped cauliflower.
A perfect dressing for this great lunch would include soy sauce, sesame oil, hot sauce and a bit of lime juice.

It is possible to enjoy a great supply of vitamins and proteins from healthy fats found in a variety of nuts. Greek yogurt is rich in minerals, low in carbs and pairs quite nicely with a handful of strawberries. This sauce is a quick and easy one to make as simple as the regular version, but with so many less carbs! This is a nice quick and easy recipe that makes for a nice meal with a salad, or a great quick snack to grab from the fridge. I used instant mashers instead of the mashed potato, bakesquick instead of the flour and low carb bread crumb mix instead of the breadcrumbs.
I just bought some feta with Mediterranean herbs yesterday and I think it would be amazing in these! The only time you get to relax and refuel is that 30 to one hour lunch break at the office. Incorporate millet, quinoa and brown rice in your lunch diets for the most part of the week. In the event that there is a problem or error with copyrighted material, the break of the copyright is unintentional and noncommercial; and the material (images) will be removed immediately upon request and presented proof.
The entire recipe only has 14.6g carbs and that’s a substantial amount of white sauce!

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