Raspberry Vanilla Mint Green Tea is a Young Hyson Chinese Green Tea blend with peppermint, raspberry and vanilla Flavor and raspberries. Simple Loose Leaf tea subscriptions works by you pick out the tea and they’ll send you tea every month. The appearance is a forest confetti of green mint, tight green tea rolls and raspberry bits.
The package of Raspberry Vanilla Mint Green Tea suggests 170f to 180f with a steep time of 1 to 2 minutes. Raspberry Vanilla Mint Green sips in with a light raspberry flavor that get taken over by a fluffy creamy texture, along with a savory, light vegetal green tea flavor. Simple Loose Leaf‘s Raspberry Vanilla Mint Green tea is a delicious and light green tea dessert tea blend. Simple Loose Leaf  has a huge line up of tea, and I got like 6 months worth – so stay tuned for more of their teas! This tea is part of Simple Loose Leaf‘s huge line up for their tea subscription plan.

Or, if you are like this Tea Owl, you have SO MUCH tea, having a new tea a month gives you time to drink your other teas.. I find that creamy vanilla and savory green are an interesting combination here that remind me of marshmallow. Mmmmm, this came out good! Raspberry Vanilla Mint Green sweetened has that fluffy texture, but with much more berry flavor. I’d love to have Raspberry Vanilla Mint Green along with some angel food cake, or even to replace dessert altogether.
Images, excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Oolong Owl with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. Enjoy this beautiful atmosphere from the top of your bed with a nice cup of Good Feeling green tea.
With pricing, it works out to be a killer deal when you buy 3 teas (15% off) or 6 teas (25% off).
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This amazing sencha green tea comes from carefully selected gardens from the beautiful Fujian valleys of China, with an ideal growing climate for the finest quality tea. They also have a pretty good volume discount if you want the 4oz bag of tea, though they have 1oz sizes available. Lush sweet raspberries picked at the peak of ripeness wonderfully complement the grassy, vegetal flavor of green tea.
Their shipping is quite fair and a pretty good deal especially since they are sending a couple shipments.
A sweet touch of vanilla ennobles this delightful blend to create an amazing smooth sipping experience. A real delight for your cozy Sunday mornings!Ingredients: Green Tea, Currants, Rose blossom leaves, Flavourings, Papaya bits, Pineapple bits, Strawberry bits, Raspberries, Natural flavouring.

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