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NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Elementary school children who took part in a healthy living program with older peers reduced their waist sizes and showed improvements in self-esteem, according to a new Canadian study.
In the so-called Healthy Buddies program, students learn about healthy foods, physical activity and positive body image from older kids, rather than adult teachers or coaches. McGavock, from the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, co-authored the study that was a collaboration between his university and policymakers in the province of Manitoba. McGavock said previous school-based interventions or afterschool programs hadn't worked to reduce obesity. He said early studies of the Healthy Buddies program looked promising, but Manitoba policymakers wanted stronger evidence and to see whether they could disseminate it widely across the province. In the fall of 2009, the researchers enrolled 647 students from 19 elementary schools in Manitoba in their study.
At the start of the study, the researchers measured kids' waists, calculated their body mass index - a measure of weight relative to height - and assessed the children's physical activity and fitness levels, self-esteem, knowledge of healthy living and eating habits.
Teachers from each of the schools were trained in the program so they could deliver weekly lessons to students nine to 12 years old.

At the end of the school year, 584 students had completed the program, and the researchers reevaluated them.
The researchers found that kids who participated in the Healthy Buddies program also showed positive changes in their self-esteem. McGavock said Healthy Buddies is sustainable and fairly low-cost because it doesn't rely on expensive teacher time - kids deliver it to kids - and it can be built into the curriculum.
More schools are realizing that healthier students do better academically and also miss less class, he added. According to the Center For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 17% (or 12.5 million) of kids and adolescents aged 2 - 19 years in the United States are now obese. The added benefit at the Gym-Nest is our ALL MALE TUMBLING STAFF for the upper level athletes, and a great overall staff for ALL tumblers of any level!  Our staff is known for producing Elite level tumblers on a consistent basis! Gym-Nest Gymnastics of Medford, NY is the only place to go on Long Island for all of your favorite kid's activities; preschool gymnastics classes, recreational gymnastics classes, cheerleading classes, tumbling classes, all star cheerleading, competitive gymnastics, kid's birthday parties, kid's fitness, kids Zumba, kid's summer camps, and kid's day camps.
We offer gymnastics classes for kids of all ages; beginning with our parent and me (mommy & me) preschool classes all the way up to teen gymnastics and cheerleading classes. Our professional, safety-certified and knowledgeable staff will ensure that your child is learning in a fun and safe environment, challenging both their mind and their physical fitness. For kid's birthday parties, our staff will take care of every detail, from the moment you arrive until the moment you leave. This week is being consumed with Series 6 studying.  I have 3 pretty slow days at work this week so I’m using that time to study. This workout focuses on developing the strength in your shoulders and arms while utilizing the super set method in order to give you the definition youa€™ve always wanted, while burning extra calories. Along with the healthy eating plan on this website, it helps to ensure more calories are burned daily then taken in; burning calories and fat off our bodies. Students from 10 schools were randomly selected to receive the Healthy Buddies curriculum and nine were put on a waiting list and served as a control group.
Then, the students presented the same lessons to younger "buddies" who were six to eight years old. They found the younger kids in the program had lost about three quarters of an inch from their waists, on average.

On the other hand, the benefit was larger for overweight and obese kids, according to the findings published in JAMA Pediatrics. He works at Dell Children's Medical Center of Central Texas in Austin and is chair of the American Academy of Pediatrics Provisional Section on Obesity. In our gymnastics classes, your child will be introduced to the 4 Olympic gymnastics events for girls and the 6 Olympic gymnastics events for boys. If you are looking for a place where your child can become a more active and physically fit child, and improve their gymnastics or cheerleading abilities then Gym-Nest of Medford, Long Island is the place for them!
I just had to share this with you guys because the chart gives an overview of the best exercises you can do for each muscle group. The website is an independent fitness resource and it is run and maintained by a small group of volunteers and fitness enthusiasts. Perform two exercises one after another with no break until the second exercise is complete. But have faith, once you get into the daily routine, you will love how you feel and look, and you will enjoy and look forward to your healthy escape from the daily grind. It also does a world of good for our bodies moving parts and our organs, helping us stay in good shape and slowing the aging process. In our cheerleading classes, your child will learn tumbling, dance, motions, cheers, stunts and more. Did you know that over the past 10 years The Gym-Nest Cheerleading program has garnered Nation-Wide praise? The cardio can be anything you enjoy doing that raises your heart rate for a range of 30 to 45 continuous minutes.
Adding to our expertise was our merger with Isalnd Xtreme Cheerleading.  Our program now has become the top program in all of New York! You need to teach stunting, tumbling, dance, motions, chanting, cheering and everything you need to be a "top-notch" cheerleader.

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