Well Lexia the vegetables and the fruit are in the middle because you should eat the second most of it. Thisal at the bottom of the food pyramaid is the grains because you should eat more of them then all the other foods. Junk food is at the top of the food pyramid and it is there because you should eat a little bit of it. Junk food is at the top of the food pyramid because we should eat a bit of it not like grains with all the good things in it. Well Massimo the top of the food pyramid is where the junk food is, so that’s the food you should eat once a day. Well Massimo, the junk food is at the top of the food pyramid because you eat it only 0-3 times a day.
My mum is cutting out all her breads, rice, cereal, she thinks it will help her loose lots of weight.

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Besides the weight loss workout, you will find the other types of workout which are offered by the experts for you and the other people.
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It contains some actions which will help you in decreasing your weight to be the proper shape which you dream in 39 days. Please look for answers using the food pyramid above, google and websites on Miss Bisby’s Blog. You will be challenged to do the workout along 30 days and you will see the result after those days.

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