Fussy Eating Cartoons and ComicsFussy Eating cartoon 1 of 102Dislike this cartoon?'Aw, mom, really? Louisa Richards BSc (Hons) is a registered nutritional therapist and owner of Heads Up Nutrition. A child’s appetite is largely determined by their energy and growth needs, therefore a child might choose to avoid eating large amounts of food as a result of not being hungry, feeling stressed or tired or because they have been made anxious by a feeding regime. Other factors that may affect a child’s decision to eat may include personality, parental and social influences and feeding styles.
Getting children involved in the cooking and preparation process can ultimately pay off when it comes to persuading them to eat. Be a good role model for your children by eating a variety of healthy foods and talking about food in a positive way.
Perseverance is key as it takes on average 10 exposures to a new food before a child will accept it. Make sure your child has an appetite at mealtimes and avoid the temptation to give unhealthy sweet snacks between meals or to use sweets regularly as a reward for good behaviour.

Be patient with your child if they are a slow eater and don’t get stressed if they refuse to eat something, just offer it again at another meal in a small quantity.
As breakfast is often coined the most important meal of the day, giving your child a healthy start is important. To help bring variety to your snack and meal times, Louisa recommends trying out the following, simple dishes.
Nutrition Expert sources the latest information and advice from a range of qualified doctors, nutritionists and coaches. Creamy filling fruit smoothie - green thickies, If avoiding fruit quick breakfast , creamy filling fruit smoothie.
Mango smoothie recipes healthy benefits & nutrition, Mangoes favorite fruit globe. Super healthy fruit smoothie - recipes jessica gavin, It only takes a matter of minutes to treat yourself to a healthy super smoothie, packed with delicious fruits and vegetables to get you energized for your day!. It highlighted that children's enjoyment of sugary tastes is not just a product of modern-day living and advertising but reflects their basic biology.

If you have a health problem consult your GP and check compatibility of new supplements with your GP or Pharmacist if you are taking any prescription medication.
We always endeavour to have the most up to date information possible and publish new content weekly. Children can cultivate a liking for sweet tastes during their development from sweet-tasting foods, such as mother's breast milk and fruits (i).
Boiled eggs, omelette or frittata including some spinach, mushrooms or peas can also be a great choice,” advises Louisa. However with the constant research in this field sometimes some of our older articles can become out of date.

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