This full-colour November 2015 seasonal calendar provides information and tips to teach students about healthy eating and advice about which fruits and vegetables are in season that month. With this coloring page, encourage your children to eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables in an array of colors -- the younger they learn about 'eating a rainbow', the healthier they'll be in the long run. It features images of some of the most common methods of getting home from school and provides a space for students to write their name next to the mode of transport they use.

Each of the twelve seasonal calendars is accompanied by a recipe designed to complement the food or events associated with that month. By analysing the graphs, students can draw conclusions about their classmates’ preferred fruits and winter sports. Each photo is complete with an accompanying lesson plan featuring tips and activities to develop oral language and vocabulary further.

An answer sheet is provided and includes teaching notes with suggestions for supporting learning and further exploration.

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