Now, our family is seeking to build our immune systems after a year filled with illnesses, and I am watching our grocery budget inch ever higher. The truth is, eating a nutritious balance of foods is more expensive than eating convenience meals and junk that I could get for pennies on the dollar by stacking coupons with store sales, but there are some things I can do to make our healthy eating habits more affordable. I know that beans have a bad reputation of melodious after-effects but they are packed with protein and when you buy them dry and in bulk, the savings are huge.
If you do not have time for scratch cooking, then try making some simple homemade mixes and create shortcuts in your routine. If these ideas still having you watching your bank balance, keep in mind that small changes can still make a big difference.
Also, if your first trip to the store ends up costing you more than it normally would, take a look at what you bought.
Tabitha is a saved by grace wife to one amazing husband and mother to four terrific kids, ages 9 and under. Blogging under the pseudo-name “Penny” at Meet Penny, Tabitha loves to write about topics including homeschooling, frugal living,  homemaking, recipes, Autism, faith, parenting, and motherhood.

Our family has even lived through a season where there was no room for groceries in the budget, and we just had to trust God would provide what we needed.
I cook them in large batches, rinse and drain them well, and package them in 2 cup increments for the freezer.
If you have a meat and potatoes man who refuses the idea, then do one of two things: 1) Change your entree. The great thing about making your food from scratch is that you know exactly what is going into your food while you are still saving money.
You are still saving money (especially when you buy these basic ingredients in bulk) and you are saving time too.
If you did not have a stockpile of healthier options before, your initial shopping trip will cost more. In 2012, she was ranked number 5 in the Top 25 Homeschooling Moms 2012 at Circle of Moms, recognized as one of the 15 pinners mothers should follow on Pinterest by iVillage, a division of NBCUniversal, and was featured in You Can Do It Too: 25 Homeschool Families Share Their Stories.

If you have no idea what to do with beans, the Ultimate Beans and Rice Recipe List is always an inspiration to me. And, don’t forget that when you use Swagbucks for your searches, you can even earn gift cards to Amazon, making those groceries free! The package says to add three cans of water but I add four and my family has never been able to tell the difference. If what you need is not available at a reasonable price, pick it up in the frozen foods section.

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