Caitlin is a Clinical Nutritionist and Exercise Physiologist who specializes in fitness and nutrition therapy. Eat better for less with our handy tips Listen up, foodies – the price of food is set to rise 20% in five years according to retail consultancy Conlumino. Supermarkets are deliberately laid out to encourage you to buy more (you think it’s a coincidence the chocolate bars are by the checkout?), so shopping without a list is dangerous.
Substituting meat with other sources of protein, like beans and lentils, can dramatically cut costs.
If your inner carnivore is screaming out for a fix, Moyra Cosgrove, a nutritionist with the Nutrition Society ( suggests buying cheaper cuts to use in stews and padding them out with some legumes.
If you’re always stocking up on pricey mueslis or cereals, invest in a big bag of oats instead. Beans also tend to be cheaper than the canned variety, so there’s far less chance of them getting binned. Dried, starchy food can be stored for a long time and makes a great base for a quick, filling dish. A good source of fibre and protein, baked beans pair well with a slice of wholemeal bread or a baked potato. Canned sardines, mackerels and salmon are good sources of omega-3 fatty acids, while canned tuna is high in vitamins B6 and B12 and protein. November 26, 2014 By Gemma Sampson RD APD 1 Comment I’m now three days into my Breadline Challenge to raise awareness of food poverty here in the UK and the great work FoodCycle does to reduce food waste.
If you haven’t come across Jack Monroe (aka A girl called Jack) then I definitely recommend you look her up.
A number of the recipes that the FoodCycle volunteers use in their hubs or the Pie in the Sky cafe in London are available on their website. I'm an Aussie dietitian based in Liverpool (UK) passionate about nutrition, health, food, travel, sport and living an active lifestyle.

I'm an Aussie dietitian based in Liverpool (UK) passionate about healthy eating and living an active lifestyle. She has a Master’s degree in Applied Clinical Nutrition and another in Exercise Science, as well as several certifications with the American College of Sports Medicine.
Nutrient-rich staples such as meat and dairy are the most vulnerable products in line for the hike as farmers struggle to afford feed for their livestock. There are lots of great resources are available online to help people with healthy eating on a budget, so thought I’d share a few that have helped inspire some of my meals this week. Originally designed for her Masters degree, she received a phenomenal response across the world when she used Kickstarter to fund physical copies that could be given to charities and food banks to help those who would really benefit from them. She now has a regular post in the Guardian where she writes about the challenges of food poverty and food politics.
Mix together sauce ingredients in a bowl (hot sauce, olive oil, pepper, salt, paprika, and garlic powder). Caitlin has special interests in providing nutrition therapy to those with digestive issues, mental health issues, and during preconception.
But there’s no need to let a little thing like the credit crunch get in the way of your healthy habits. Pull out the apron and start cleaning your jars, because another great way to keep a lot of food is to pickle, preserve or can it.
Within 5 months of posting the recipe book online, it had been downloaded a massive 500,000 times!!
Her blog is full of recipes using simple and fresh ingredients (wherever possible) affordable to all.
There are ways to stick to your budget while also eating healthy, delicious meals that will not expand your waistline. You can also garnish with cilantro, green onions, and shredded cheese or a scoop of Greek yogurt.

She also provides fitness training to those with medical compromises including multiple sclerosis and various types of cancer.
We spoke to some leading nutritionists to find out how you can continue to serve up a brilliant menu on the cheap.
It’s a cheap, healthy way to keep seasonal fruits and vegetables in your kitchen – and your tummy – all year round. It’s free to download and contains around 80 delicious recipes including starters, mains, breakfasts and tasty snacks all costed for someone living off $4 a day.
This week I’m leaning heavily on the tips and suggestions she has for cooking well on a budget.
Caitlin is currently a practicing Health Coach empowering her clients to make behavioral changes.
Stock, soup and even fruit can also fill up your ice box, keeping it running more efficiently. In winter, frozen, dried or canned fruit and veg are good alternatives, ‘as long as the vegetables aren’t canned in salted water and the fruit isn’t canned in syrup,’ Elisabeth adds.
Fruit and vegetables are often cheaper at markets because farmers can sell their products directly and if you develop a good relationship with the supplier, you may score a discount!
Find out more about Jack and why she is so passionate about raising awareness of food poverty. She knows first-hand that improved health is a process and is here to help empower you to be a healthier, happier you.

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