This Healthy Homemade Sugar Free Strawberry Jam is sweet, spreadable and packed with fresh strawberries!
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Sequins; It might be a bit too much for the Christmas dinner, but definitely a winner for a Christmas party or New Year’s Eve! Measure 2 cups of the puree and pour into a medium-sized pot. Whisk in the water and stevia extract, then sprinkle in the pectin powder. I hope you're having a wonderful Christmas Eve, with lot's of love and food ;) Speaking of food, eating healthy is one of the most popular New Year's resolutions each year, so why not start a little during Christmas!
So I'm reading, watching, flipping the pages, and suddenly I find this interview with Marjo Kranenborg!

Today after uni Sascha and I went to Westfield and went to watch the biggest cake in the world, and ate a piece! I was shooting the garments from Ricardo, whom I met at the London College of Fashion show last Wednesday.

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