Today, I thought I would gather some of my top resources for those new to following the low FODMAP diet and for the dietitians in the field that are starting to utilize this elimination diet with their patients.
FODMAP grocery list: This one page handout will make grocery shopping a bit easier when you are starting out! How to make a Balanced Low FODMAP menu:  This simple {super cute} one page handout reminds the FODMAPer to eat healthy and well-balanced. Low FODMAP Cooking with Kate Scarlata: This $10 downloadable e-booklet provides numerous (47, to be exact) tasty recipes for the FODMAPer.
Schweddy Balls– These are seriously amazing and if you understand the name, you are awesome.

Chocolate Protein Muffin– You can substitute coconut flour for wheat flour and pumpkin for applesauce. Ten percent of the sale of this booklet goes directly to Monash University FODMAP researchers to fund further FODMAP food analysis and research.
These 10 newly designed (13 in all) low FODMAP teaching tool handouts are ready to roll for use in your GI nutrition practice. I also eat full meals so I’m not sure what that would be called…just someone who eats a lot? I recently made a protein pancake recipe from Janeetha’s blog (Meals and Moves) and am not OBSESSED.

I think they took a fair amount of blood so I believe that’s why, but it was so weird. All I remember was feeling super light headed then the next thing I knew, a nurse was waking me up.

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