No sugar, no butter, no oil, no white flour…  no nasties whatsoever, yet it tastes OH.
This Monkey Bread is soft, moist and sweet, it’s really hard to believe something that tastes this good could be so good for you. I’m really bummed that I finished off a batch of this Monkey Bread a couple days ago. My recipe’s nutrition label is soooo much better than Pillsbury’s, if I do say so myself! I have the same question as Stacey – I don’t do soy ?? These look absolutely amazing and hope I can figure out a way to make them! Personally, I think if soy is 100% organic and non-GMO (like the organic soy flour used in this recipe), a moderate amount isn’t dangerous.
In my experience, almond flour tends to create crumbly products, and while flaxseed meal binds very well, it prevents breads from rising… the Monkey Bread might get really dense and heavy.

It’s crazy how similar this Monkey Bread tastes to the regular stuff, while actually being nutritionally balanced. Thank you for this recipe and the soy is not a problem if you are eating organic soy, not processed soy isolates like what they put in soy milk. To make a savory bread, you can try using a vegetable puree of some sort instead of the applesauce — maybe steamed carrots (or carrot baby food), zucchini, squash, potato, sweet potato, etc.
You will need to add 1 tsp of sugar though (preferably sucanat or organic evaporated cane juice rather than white sugar) to activate the yeast. I would recommend omitting the vanilla extract too, and maybe add some dried garlic and onion to the dough instead! This Monkey Bread is best eaten fresh, although they do last a few days if stored airtight.
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Ingredients: almond flour, organic sesame seeds, organic tapioca flour, purified water, organic chia seeds, organic flax seeds, organic apple cide vinegar. Otherwise if I remove it shall I just reduce the dry ingredients or will it affect the texture too much?

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