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Latest Facebook PostsFacebook PostsNicole Darabi 2 weeks ago Busy, busy weekend and not much time to food prep yesterday.
By the time I’ve prepped mosts of my breakfasts, lunches, and dinners for the week my creative juices are completely drained.

You’ll receive a fresh dose of positive energy with focus on recipes, food prep techniques, bulk cooking & planning, fitness ideas and workouts, and videos to keep things interesting! Which is why you’ll quickly notice that I revert back to “kid” food when it comes to assembling these meals. Take advantage of your grill or Traeger and chop up raw veggies to make the most of your time.
I prepped 5 days of lunches & afternoon snacks (not pictured) for the hubbs and I in less than an hour.

Nima has experienced first hand the importance of eating nutrient dense, low glycemic meals consistently throughout the day.
Bermudez loooooooves torturing me with this burnout exercise at the end of our leg sessions.

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