Summer is upon us, and what better way to celebrate summer than a big serving of frozen yogurt.
I give you the option of using whatever sweetener you choose, I just wanted to test out the NuStevia Simple Syrup I got a short time ago.
Tip: I give you options for making this with an ice cream maker or not, but you will get a better result with an ice cream maker. Fotosearch Stock Photography and Stock Footage Royalty Free ImagesStock Photography & Royalty Free Stock Photos licensed by Publitek, Inc. The fabulous thing about this frozen yogurt, is that its sugar-free, gluten-free (naturally), and also fat-free as I used non-fat greek yogurt. Typically, frozen yogurt is considered dessert, but with the calories being so low, it makes a perfect summer snack! Cup of Fage nonfat yogurt is 9 grams sugar (carbs) and 23 grams protein (which is close to 50% daily need for protein), 10 mg cholesterol, 85 mg sodium, 25% daily need for calcium.
I plant to use the rest with fresh chopped strawberry or raspberry topping.Overall pretty good start with using NuStevia in recipes. Just keep adding sweetener to the yogurt and taste as you go to find your perfect level of sweetness.

A perfect day for me is enjoying my family, getting to the gym, and whipping up a new healthy recipe.
It was hard to get the soft-serve out of the machine, it was super sticky and it was even more difficult to scoop out the way the machine is made.
The taste is vanilla creamy with a hint of cheesecake and yogurt but the flavor was much better than any frozen Greek yogurt at stores. Just letting you know that you can buy individual containers of Greek yogurt that’s already strained. Fotosearch helps you find the perfect royalty free illustration, line art drawing, EPS vector graphic, or stock clipart icon.
Even if you're using greek yogurt, you'll want to strain it for at least 2 hours to remove the excess water. I've got a collection of over 300 healthy recipes, and other tidbits like fitness and health tips.
Buy pictures and get immediate image file downloads, or get fast, cheap delivery on CD-ROM or DVD. My recipes have been featured on websites such as Huffington Post, Savvy Mom, Shape and Skinny Scoop.

I wonder if my freezer is too cold (you store the machine’s bowl in the freeze to make ice cream without ice). Place the yogurt mixture into your ice cream machine and churn for 15-20 minutes, or if you don't have a machine, place in a container and put in the freezer. The nonfat yogurt is made from non fat milk (with a high percentage of milk sugar) by adding modified food starch and fructose (fruit sugar) among other things.
It may turn you into an obese sugar junkie, just like cigarettes may give you cancer.A better ideaDo you like yogurt? You can freeze further to make harder, but I found it was hard to get it that in-between stage. Now almost every store carries Fage, but the carry almost exclusively the 0% fat, occasionally the 2%.

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