Health-minded snackers are gravitating toward fresh fruit, yogurt and smoothies, to name a few options. Technomic also found an increase in the demand for slightly indulgent, not-so-healthy items that skew to the sweet and the salty. Darren Tristano is President of Technomic Inc., a Chicago-based foodservice consultancy and research firm owned by Winsight.
The 2016 Membrane Technology Forum will be the 11th consecutive year that Dairy Foods and Membrane Filtration World have partnered to bring you a unique and intimate environment dedicated to the exchange of ideas on membrane technologies and their applications.
Now in an extensively updated second edition, the volume provides a source of concentrated and accessible information on the composition, properties and food applications of the vegetable oils commonly used in the food industry. Check out the May 2016 issue of Prepared Foods, featuring our cover story on oils in food product development, how spices are herbs are being used in food innovations, and much more! Lavle Belgian Dark Chocolate picked up where Mars’ CocoaVia left off more than a decade ago.
Sugar got a pink slip from Perferti Van Melle USA’s Mentos NOWmints Sugarfree Mints, which are sweetened with xylitol instead of sugar. Mediterranean Snacks Bean Stalks used pinto beans, cannellini beans, and green peas for a tube-shaped crunchy puffed snack with 4g of protein and half the fat of potato chips. Ball-shaped snacks picked up momentum in 2015, perhaps because the shape is ideal for snacking. Sweet snacks were hot in 2015 with savory snack makers angling to pick up sales from confectionery and dessert products.
Tom Vierhile is Innovation Insights Director for Canadean, and is focused on new products, trends and intelligence in new consumer packaged goods.

They want healthy options they can feel good about, even when they’re watching what they eat. They gave artificial ingredients the boot and focused on simple, less processed ingredients.
Hershey opted for hazelnuts for its Hershey’s Kisses Deluxe in a new Milk Chocolate with Hazelnut Center flavor. Of the two, Canadean projects that the compound annual growth rate of sugar confectionery will easily best that of chewing gum. Protein landed in sugar confectionery with RAP Protein gummies which use whey protein isolate to deliver 10g of protein per serving. Wrigley looked to sour flavors to spark sales with Green Sour Apple Extra Sugarfree Gum and Sour Strawberry Flood 5 Sugarfree Gum.
Kraft Foods Group’s Planters Mix in dessert-inspired flavors like Banana Sundae with chocolate-covered peanuts doubled as an ice cream topping and a hand-to-mouth snack. Tom has over 20 years of experience in new consumer packaged goods reporting and analysis and holds an MBA from the State University of New York at Buffalo. A closer look shows: 27 Calories from Fat, 9 Calories from Protein, and 22 Calories from Carbohydrate. There is an unknown quantity of Sugar in this food and an unknown quantity of Fiber (it was not provided). 33%) to indicate a tendency toward healthier snack options, which aligns with Technomic’s recurring findings that women are more health-conscious eaters than men. Healthy snacking options from that menu include Mushroom Lettuce Wraps, White Chicken Chili and SkinnyLicious Grilled Artichoke starters.

New milkshakes (a popular and portable sweet snack) are being introduced at venues such as Ruby’s Diner, Fosters Freeze and Burgerville. They also want the occasional not-so-good-for-you snack for when they’re not as vigilant. Liquor Nuts Sweetened Kettle Cooked Peanuts debuted liquor-inspired flavors such as Whiskey and Irish Stout.
GimMe Chips had the same idea with Seaweed Rice Chips resembling tortilla chips and made with brown rice, seaweed and lentils.
If you're keeping track, a good calorie counter can make this easy -- see the software below. Another example is Copeland’s of New Orleans, which recently added an array of snack offerings to its 550 Calories and Under menu, such as Miso Sugar Snap Peas and Creamless Creamed Corn. And, MaggieMoo’s Ice Cream and Treatery is getting in on both tastes simultaneously with its Chocolate Salted Pretzel Sundae. The best approach for retailers, operators and manufacturers is to ensure their snack product lines are diverse and run the gamut from the healthy to the indulgent.

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