Assorted sliced or chopped vegetables or meat like bell peppers, mushrooms, corn, zucchini, spinach, chicken, etc. A lot of weight loss programs tell you that you can still eat snacks and desserts, but this does not mean any type of dessert.
There are so many low-fat packaged snack foods in the supermarket, but they may not always be good choices.
It can be easy to eat a relatively unhealthy diet whilst you’re tired, busy, sleep deprived as it’s easy to reach for pre-packaged snack foods when you’re exhausted. Therefore, it’s a good idea to have plenty of healthy foods and healthy eating low calorie snack ideas on hand so that you can take in enough calories and have lots of energy and to help boost your metabolism in between meals and to aid a healthy weight loss. Here are 20 healthy snacks that are perfect for busy mums wanting to follow a healthy eating plan and you will find lots of them on the 28 Day Diet & Exercise Plan. Wholegrain Crackers & Low Fat Cheese Spread – Can you see a theme developing here?
Low Fat Cottage Cheese Pot with Fruit or Veggies – Low fat cottage cheese is a great snack for three reasons – it’s low in fat, high in protein and high in calcium.
Mozzarella, Tomato and Basil Salad – Use low fat mozzarella for a low fat, delicious meal packed with protein, fibre and calcium. Yoghurt Pot – A yoghurt pot is a great, on the go snack that you can pop into your bag and eat wherever you are. Fruit Smoothie – Make up a batch of smoothie in the morning and pad it out with ice for extra texture.
Almonds – For a tasty snack mix some almonds with 2 x tbsp of low fat yoghurt for a snack with crunch, texture and a bit of sweetness. Homemade Crisps – Make crisps that are super healthy by thinly slicing a potato, spritz with cooking spray and a little seasoning and bake until crisp in a hot oven. Wholegrain Toast with Cream Cheese – This is an incredibly satisfying snack that is tasty and nutritious. Mini Yoghurt Drinks – Yoghurt drinks are a great snack for busy nursing mums as they contain loads of calcium and you can choose to buy them in your favourite flavour.

Banana and Clementine – Snack on a banana and a clementine for a hit of potassium, vitamin C, fibre and plenty of other vitamins and nutrients. If you are ready to lose weight then The Healthy Mummy plans offer a healthy and safe exercise and diet routine that are safe if you are breastfeeding. Cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies, and potato chips can be very tempting, but understand that the snacks you eat have an effect on your weigh loss plans.
These products may still have a lot of calories in them and lack the nutrients needed by the body. Averaging at 177 calories for a bowl of wholegrain cereal with skim milk, this snack gives you plenty of complex carbohydrates which will keep your energy levels up, calcium and vitamins which will only improve your health.
Wholegrain in any form is a great choice for a breastfeeding mother, and the low fat cheese in this snack is a great way to get some low fat calcium into your diet. Serve it with fresh fruit such as peaches or raspberries or vegetable crudites such as carrot or cucumber.
Some varieties include banana, milk and honey, mixed berry, kiwi and apple – whatever your tastes plus add in some of The Healthy Mummy smoothie mix.
Fill your omelet with a little low fat cottage cheese and if you like, some shredded onion for a bit of bite. Store them in an airtight container to keep them crisp and simply reach for them when you’re feeling a bit peckish. It’s packed with vitamin C, plenty of healthy mono and polyunsaturated fats and plenty of fibre.
Plus, if you’re too busy to actually prepare a meal, a yoghurt drink is very easy and quick to eat.
Great on the go snack food – and to make things even easier, prepare 3 or 4 clementines in advance by removing the skin and pith, then keep the segments in an airtight container in the fridge ready to snack on. If you want to lose at least one pound a week, it is necessary to lessen your calorie intake by 500 calories a day in order to create a 3500-calorie deficit a week. Eating desserts only helps you lose weight when you eat those that contain fewer calories and have more nutrients in them.

It is still a good idea to eat fresh fruits, nuts, whole-grains, or low-fat dairy products. Choose almond butter instead of peanut butter to decrease your child’s chances of becoming allergic to peanuts. For extra nutrition, choose a yoghurt with fruit, or even better add your own fruit to the yoghurt. Make things even easier for yourself – boil eggs by the dozen, peel them and keep them in an airtight container in the fridge.
You could also cook omelets, chill them and keep them in the fridge for a day or two until you’re ready to eat them. It is not a good idea to lose too much weight in a week’s time because chances are that your efforts will backfire in the long run.
These healthy snacks are packed with essential nutrients and have fewer calories, thus making them better choices for weight loss diet plans.
Almond butter will give you some healthy omega-3 fats, whilst the banana will give you some potassium. It is still good to add a snack or dessert to your daily meal plan, as long as you pick healthy choices with low amount of calories and high nutritional content.
One other thing that makes most snack choices unhealthy is their lack of nutritional valie. In order to supply your body with the essential vitamins and minerals, you need to eat foods rich in nutrients. If not, your body will crave for more food due to the lack of nutrients assimilated from the food you eat.

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