As long as you keep enough variety in your diet (hint: eat fruits and vegetables in season!), then you should have all your nutritional bases covered. Vitamin B-12: Vegan sources of this important vitamin include fortified soymilk (check the label), Red Star Nutritional Yeast (again, check the label), and some cereals (did I mention check the label?) Make sure that you eat at least one of these foods regularly, or take a supplement.
Calcium: Good sources of calcium include tofu, nuts and seeds, blackstrap molasses, dried figs, and green leafy vegetables such as kale and collard greens. Iron: Vegan sources of iron include beans (all types), whole grains, nuts, green leafy vegetables, and dried fruit. Omega-3 Fatty Acids: A lot of people eat fish to obtain these healthy fats, but there are some great plant sources as well! For more detailed information about vegan nutrition, the Vegan Society is a wonderful source of information! I think soybeans can be farmed just as sustainably as any other crop, and do make an effort to purchase organic, non-GMO soy products. You make it so much easier to remember znd understand what a balanced meal should look like. You know that in making and maintaining a successful transition to a healthy diet and lifestyle you need the right tools, knowledge and information.

One of the most tedious and time consuming tasks of menu planning is creating a grocery list. Most importantly, the Mostly Raw Vegan Meal Planner will be instrumental in helping you and your family to make a successful transition to a healthier lifestyle. In addition to the 2 full weeks of meal planning and comprehensive shopping lists we have also included helpful bonus information to make your life easier: Information like how to stock your whole food kitchen, important health tips and other great healthy diet and lifestyle resources.
We are so confident in our Mostly Raw Vegan Meal Planner that we guarantee you will love this meal planner with its over 40 recipes, 42 meals plus snacks planned out for you and 2 well organized and comprehensive shopping lists that can be printed out and used over and over again. Planning meals, buying groceries, knowing what to have on hand all the time, knowing what equipment to have available, having tasty and nutritious food to eat, and a whole host of other things to consider is the biggest detriment to eating healthy. If you feel we have not lived up to our claims we offer a 30 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee. In our downloadable Mostly Raw Vegan Meal Planner we supply you with 2 full weeks of menus, grocery lists and lots of bonus information – that includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for a family of 4. You know that without a comprehensive shopping list, you are likely to overspend by buying impulsively. Additionally, you should know that it is handy to have a food processor, blender or ideally both to make some of the recipes in the menu plan.

In making the transition to a healthy lifestyle it is imperative that you have a plan for what you will be eating and serving your family.
The tedious work of planning a menu for your family and creating a comprehensive shopping list has already been done for you. When meals are already planned out for you in advance in a well organized and easy to use format, that takes a load off you.
Included in the Mostly Raw Vegan Meal Planner are comprehensive shopping lists for each of the two menu plans.
And since the meal planner is a downloadable PDF file you can print out your grocery lists over and over again.

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