Disclaimer: The following is an account of my personal journey with gluten intolerance and what I learned from both research and my own body. Recently, someone had given her a book called Wheat Belly and told her to check out a website called The Bulletproof Executive to read up on how she could help her migraines with dietary changes. As she was doing her research, she had noticed that many different sources mentioned that gluten intolerance and allergies manifested in different ways in different people, but one of the most common signs was skin issues such as eczema. Reason two: When gluten is introduced to your body, it causes premature cell death in the gut. Think about it – do you want food particles and bits of bacteria leaking into your blood and dispersed around your body?

Wheat also causes fat to build up around your stomach, which is why people who ditch gluten often see rapid weight loss occur. Make sure the fowl you eat is free range and organic, the fish you eat is wild caught, and the beef and butter you eat come from grass-fed cows.
If you do remove wheat and gluten from your diet, don’t drift over to the gluten-free aisle. Find Me Gluten Free Find Me Gluten Free helps you locate restaurants near you that offer gluten-free menu options. Gluten Free Registry Gluten Free Registry lets you locate gluten-free restaurants, bakeries, grocery stores, caterers, and more anywhere in the country.

Gluten can have a powerfully negative effect on the human body, regardless of if you have celiacs or not. He takes an in-depth look at the history of wheat, how we are currently growing and processing it, and the impacts it has on the human body. Having a healthy gut provides you with a number of benefits including: reduced bloating and stomach pain, improved bowel function, increased attention span and focus, reduced risk of illness, and improved energy.

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