Little by little the benefits of far east health and weight loss herbs above western medicines get's discovered. Little by little the benefits of far east health and quick weight loss herbs above western medicines get's discovered. While a healthy food intake and following a regulair cardio workout program might be enough for the most of us keeping the weight off permanently, still a lot of people are experiencing weight loss problems.
Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. Today I want to talk about 5 of the best natural supplements for children that you can have on hand to boost your child’s diet if needed. Cod liver oil has been around a while, but it seems that it’s recently making a comeback with the real food, natural mama group.
When I had my first baby, I was all about making his diet as nutritionally dense as possible. Note: The vitamin K2 produced by healthy gut bacteria is now thought to not be an absorbable source of vitamin K2.
Now I’m not going to go into details about why I think a lot of daily multi-vitamins are a complete waste of money. Next, I’d always look for a whole food vitamin that is processed using low temperatures over a synthetic vitamin any day.
UPDATE: Garden of Life now has a new daily multi-vitamin called KIND Organics that looks great!
Trace minerals is something that’s on the newer side for me as far as supplements go. When it comes to a trace mineral supplement, ConcenTrace Trace Mineral Drops are on the top of my list.
It’s also important for me to note here that if you do end up supplementing with a synthetic form of vitamin D, that you also give your child a vitamin K2 supplement to prevent vitamin D toxicity. To conclude this super-long, jam-packed post, let me just say that these are suggestions only and that every child will vary based off of their own individual nutritional needs.
Also, if you, like me, wanna be a real foods purist, then be sure to come back Friday to learn how I recommend replacing many of these supplements with foods. Is there anything else you’d recommend as a must have supplement for children that should be included in this list? Thanks Whitney… hopefully we’ll get around to getting it going sooner than later! I’m with you on the cod liver oil and probiotics, but the Vitamin K is a new one on me! I totally agree with you Sarah, and I think it’s important to bring in a different view point as well. I was hoping to find some natural mamas who were supplementing their family’s dietary magnesium (since with foods-only 50% is really absorbed and most foods-even organic-are deficient). Also-I appreciate you pointing out about synthetic vitamins vs real foods or raw vitamins—so many people blindly shop for vitamins-not understanding the HUGE difference. I also wanted to suggest looking into the best times to take such supplements like probiotics-which I know many people mix in with foods. I also wouldn’t give my child supplemental iron as the levels in most supplements are incredibly high (many low doses are about 10X what your body can safely excrete in a day) and iron can be efficiently added into diet by cooking in cast iron, eating quality meat, liver and cooked spinach etc. Thanks so much for your comment, and I’ll be sure to update this post as needed if I find any new info!
I am all about natural dietary supplements, and am quite happy with the results of the Lady Soma Detox.
If it were me, I think I’d start with simple herbs that are high in vitamins and minerals.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Take this from somebody who has tried all the weightloss products and exercise plans out there. A busy lifestyle or simply not having the energy for following all kind of weight loss programs can result in frustrations and increased health risk of obesity. This herb used in Ayurveda for several centuries, has even has anti-diabetic properties and supports cardiovasculair health in a positive way.
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I would rather put my energy, effort, and money into improving my child’s diet over giving them tons of daily supplements. As soon as he could take it, I started giving him cod liver oil to boost his consumption of omega 3 fatty acids.
This promotes good health as the healthy gut flora help to keep harmful organisms at bay, assist in digesting foods appropriately, breakdown toxins correctly, aid in manufacturing vitamins B and K2 for us, and aid us in mineral and nutrient absorption. Healthy gut flora has been shown to have a positive impact on the immune system from before baby is born until well after he comes into this world.
Many trace minerals can be replaced if your child is taking a multi-vitamin and mineral supplement, but again, there are problems with these being natural vs.
Many mamas are told by their child’s doctor that children are deficient in vitamin D these days and need to be on a supplement.

Again, diet should come first and supplements second, and it’s always a good idea to work with a natural-minded doctor or nutritionist if need be. Again, it’s idealistic, but the more we can work towards that ideal lifestyle, the more it becomes our reality! I have a 6 month old exclusively breast-fed baby for who I will more than likely start introducing solids around 9 months. I think I started cod liver oil with my little guys when they were between 6-9 months old… depending upon when they started eating more solid foods. I know a lot of people don’t care for distilled or RO water just because it removes the minerals.
My husband and I had a Culligan RO system (which you can rent monthly or buy) and it was cost effective to rent from them in two of the three states we lived in. Yes, keeping up with kids health can be a daunting task… especially when you have more than one!
He actually likes the chocolate syrupy stuff from green pastures-I freeze it in halfway filled 2 tsp dome shaped ice cube tray sections and split those in half for him-he gets it for dessert and likes it. Its actually much more beneficial to take them on an empty stomach-hours before you eat, so the digestive enzymes in the stomach don’t damage them when precessing food. I know B vitamins are found in many foods, so again, I’d prefer to get them in that way as opposed to supplementing them.
Just a couple of comments – the Jarrow vitamin K2 supplement you linked to is actually a softgel, not a capsule filled with powder so how do you get a child to take it? The Jarrow vitamin K2 is a softgel, but you can puncture it with a needle and squeeze the liquid out into your kiddos food to get them to take it. If you can find fresh nettle, you can cook in in place of other greens (spinach, kale, collards, etc.) in soups and sides. Ephedra free fat burner, safe chinese weight loss product.Herbal weight loss extract Guarana herbal weight loss supplements for fast and safe weight loss results.
Since he was small, he wasn’t eating foods yet that contained omega oils such as fish and nuts.
Each of these are great in their own way, but this is the order I’d definitely rank them in as far as good, better, best goes. When it comes to lacto-based probiotics, my vote goes to Bulk Herb Store’s Happy Gut and Dr. What I am going to talk about is what to look for in a good quality multi-vitamin and which ones I think are best for kids.
Because the vitamins in whole food vitamins are from concentrated food and herbal sources which is something our bodies were actually designed to absorb.
The only problem is that it’s for children 6 and older because it contains iron and iron can be fatal if overdosed on. The majority of diets are lacking in these important elements and mineral deficiencies are on the rise.
We were formed from the dust of the ground and these trace minerals are part of what makes up the dirt we came from therefore our bodies need them. It can be added to purified drinking water in small amounts to ensure that we replace those minerals that we lose on a daily basis as well as used in remineralizing toothpastes and homemade electrolyte drinks. This is not your regular vitamin K that’s found in dark leafy green vegetables and helps with blood clotting.
Mercola article does an excellent job at explaining it as does the Chris Kresser one above.
Vitamin K2 is also produced from healthy gut flora (MKs 6-8 and MKs 10-13) in the GI tract, but like I said earlier, it’s not thought to be an absorbable form of vitamin K2. Lastly, you can supplement with cod liver oil, not over-the-counter or prescription vitamin D supplements as these are synthetic and most times not the type of vitamin D your child’s body needs. Mercola goes into more detail about why vitamin K2 is needed with supplemented vitamin D and how this helps prevent vitamin D toxicity in children.
Currently we have a Whirlpool brand filter which works just as well, and filters as many pollutants (according to the local Culligan man). If your oil tastes fishy, its fatty acid chains that are supposed to be of a benefit are actually rancid.
As far as cod liver oil goes, we mostly use the Garden of Life during the warmer months before switching to the Green Pastures fermented oil for colder months.
I know a lot of mamas do supplement with it so I’ll have to set aside some time to read up on it. However, if you were doing well eating foods with B vitamins and still showing symptoms of deficiency (or testing that way) then I’m sure supplementing for a time would be a good thing.
I’ve found that a lot of supplements can help a bit at first, but the real test is if you keep getting results the longer you take it. Anyway, I simply cut the dose down a bit for each child depending on their age, and I don’t give it to my kiddos under 2. I take several supplements and eat very clean myself but I just can’t get my family on board. Use of the Herbal Extracts service and the herbal extract company's web site constitutes acceptance of our terms of use and privacy policy. I was giving him an egg yolk every day which helped with brain development, but I wanted to supplement with the cod liver oil because I knew that the added omega oils were great for additional brain development in young children. They will each fit different needs and different budgets, and they can all be used during different times in your child’s life.

Thankfully there are different flavors so you just have to try them to see which you kid likes best and come up with ways to hide it.
Thankfully, we can get probiotics in our diets via cultured and fermented foods, but those are two things that are lacking in a lot of diets these days. Plus, with the amount of things our kids are being exposed to these days (like the overuse of antibiotics), their guts can use all the help they can get! Synthetic, lab-produced vitamins are cheaper and more readily available, but they aren’t as easily recognized or broken down by the body, therefore they can cause damage to the body. It tastes good and it mixes well with fermented cod liver oil which can be challenging to get kids to take.
Our bodies also function thanks to chemical and electrical processes, and these trace minerals play a vital role in making sure that all of that works correctly. Although a lot of our soils are depleted these days, there are things we can do to make sure we get these minerals in our diets so that our kids aren’t deficient in them. Many kids are deficient in vitamin D, but there are a few things you can do to remedy that situation in a natural way.
Not only that, but the body has a hard time recognizing synthetic vitamins and you can become toxic with synthetic forms of vitamin D. My husband and I are working on getting our RO system put in because where we moved, we only have city water. RO water as a primary source of hydration is not a great way to keep the body’s electrolytes balanced (especially in large amounts). If I were going to use something, I would use a half dose of a children’s liquid and keep it well away from them if it contained iron.
And I love how you suggested skipping the iron and working on getting it in different ways like via cast iron, liver, and spinach. Even in those that do include these things in their diets, it’s questionable as to what amount is enough to keep our guts healthy with these foods alone. I’ve looked around quite a bit about this topic myself and it seems that SBOs are better for children while lacto-based probiotics are better for adults. Both of these contain the Lactobacillus acidophilus DDS-1 that is so beneficial for the gut. We lose minerals all throughout the day from various activities so it’s important that these minerals are replaced. Thankfully, vitamin K2 has no known toxic levels so you don’t have to fret about giving your child too much.
I don’t like the recommended Poly-Vi-Sol, especially now that my boy is growing teeth!
Your plants need the minerals in water as well, but don’t appreciate the chlorine or fluoride.
This seems to be because children have less damage to their guts than adults do and they can handle the SBO probiotics better than some adults that already have gut issues.
I think there are a few online guides as to the best schedule to take your vitamins for maximum absorbency-something I know every mom would want considering the effort and cost involved with supplementing their family.
I’d also opt for an herbal iron tincture before iron supplements as well when given the choice. I have him on Nordic Naturals chewable soft gels but I know green pastures is a superior product so if I could get him on that even better. He has been my earliest and most advanced child by far when it came to his learning, speaking, and memory abilities.
If you wanna give a cod liver oil supplement year round, you can go with the cheaper brands during the warmer months. Thankfully we get some of it in our grass-fed meats and butters, but apparently it doesn’t give you as much as you need so the supplements help. With that being said, I usually buy the orange flavor as it seems to mix well with other things.
Can you suggest a couple things you consider to me most important for someone trying (again) to start their children on supplements?
To this day i thank my friend for changing my life when they introduced me to the products.
I suppose feeling thirsty could be a need for minerals, but I’m not for sure about that. The main way we take any brand cod liver oil though is that I get everyone of my kids a little shot glass, pour some orange juice, then add the cod liver oil. It comes in a powdered capsule so for little ones, like the probiotic powders, you can dump a little in their food to get them to take it. If not, I’ll make some really fruity smoothies and dump it all in the mix so they can take it that way.
You can also search Google for it and you’ll get a lot of suggestions and tips there too.

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