In a large, deep skillet, brown the hamburger, celery, onion and sliced mushrooms until the meat is cooked completely. I was going to make Hamburger Gravy and Mashed "Potatoes", but had some leftover uncooked grated cauliflower. Choose only full fat products – never choose diet products or products that are sweetened.
Meat from poultry such as chicken, turkey and duck is a good choice when you eat low carb keto diet.
Meat is a natural part of the low carb keto diet. Choose beef, pork, lamb or game and do not cut off the fat. Try to choose meat from grazing animals. Keep in mind that 100 grams of meat is not equivalent to 100 grams of protein.
I have been trying my whole life to loose weight and not untill lately I started using a low carb diet similar like keto and LCHF to loose around 40 pounds. We have one eggplant plant in the garden that is loaded with fruit and I picked the first one the other day. Although beef or lamb is typically used in moussaka, we have an abundance of ground venison from hunting season so that’s what I used.
Since I cut up the eggplant so small, it didn’t take long at all for the pieces to soften. This skillet moussaka recipe is another great low carb ground beef recipe that I can add to my collection.
Add eggplant, tomato paste, water, oregano, salt, onion powder, cinnamon, ground ginger, allspice, and pepper. Place skillet in oven about 6 inches from broiler and broil on high for 2-3 minutes or until cheese is browned.

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The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible. The body’s energy will therefore mainly from fat and protein instead of carbohydrates. Read the ingredients on every food you buy and choose products with as low carbohydrate as possible. They contain very little fat so you have to make sure to supplement with a good oily sauce or mayonnaise so that the fat is sufficient. Seafood also contains many vitamins and minerals, including selenium.
It is a good source of protein but be aware that 100 grams of chicken is not the same as 100 grams of protein. Choose any fatty fish such as salmon, herring or mackerel. Fish is high in protein, and oily fish is also a source of omega3.
If you prefer cooking on the stove, try this easy low carb gluten free moussaka in a skillet for dinner.
I know exactly where this meat comes from and it’s cheaper than any comparable meat I could purchase. You really need to be careful when buying canned tomato sauce because it often contains sugar.
Since you can’t add any flour for low carb gluten free, I added a touch of xanthan gum.
If you don't want to turn oven on, you can cover the skillet and just cook until the cheese melts.
I made a traditional maussaka several years ago and low carbed it, but it was still rather high in carbs and was quite labor intensive.

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Chicken contains about 20% protein. Keep in mind that the meat is very lean so you need to supplement with any accessories with high fat content.
Although eggplant is a terrific low carb vegetable, I don’t buy it as often as I should. After a quick internet search, it looks like we have an Asian variety that lends itself well to Eastern dishes. Reading labels is a necessary habit if you are diabetic or following the low carb lifestyle. I wish I had more time for the traditional stuff, but probably won’t get there any time soon. It is important not to be hungry, add additional fat, such as a fatty sauce or accessory with high fat content.
It might be a good sauce or broccolimos. If you eat grilled chicken so you can happily eat the skin too. Growing up, there was a small pizza restaurant within walking distance to our house and I was very fond of their moussaka pizza. I usually make it as a casserole in the oven, but wanted to try a skillet moussaka recipe instead this time. Turn to high heat and boil until the sauce has reduced and thickened, about 5 minutes or so, stirring often.

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