I have always suffered from an irregular colon and lately it seems that I pick up weight easily.
When you suffer from an irregular or sluggish colon, the food that passes through your system takes a lot longer to pass through. When you use Phen375 as an aid to losing weight, you will find out how easy it is to lose weight.
Will laxatives help me to overcome these problems that I have?A huge amount of women suffer from the problem of a irregular colon and of course every womans nightmare, which is weight gain. This results in discomfort from the compacted waste in your colon, low immune systems as a result of toxins being absorbed into your body from the putrefying waste, and excess weight both as a result of the extra waste in your body, but also the body has so much more time to absorb the nutrients and fat from the food in the colon.The huge problem associated with this lies in the toxic waste.
Not only this but you will start to feel better and look great so why not find out more about how Phen375 can help you. When these problems occur simultaneously, as they usually do, then it seems logical to resort to the use of laxatives to treat both problems at once.

This product is a dietary supplement and statements have not been evaluated by the relevant authorities. The toxins absorbed by your body will result in your body becoming toxin laden, sluggish and generally weight gain becomes a problem The weight gain is usually as a result of a slowing down of your metabolism and so your body no longer burns the calories but rather stores them in the form of fat.Laxatives do not Help but create other problems!When using laxatives to combat colon problems, you are merely replacing one evil with another. Laxatives are habit forming and so when you use them in excess to combat the weight gain caused by a sluggish colon, your system becomes used to the laxatives and so the normal function of the colon ceases.
The body becomes accustomed to all the fluid being flushed out and so the minute it receives fluid it stores it in the form of water retention.
The body also uses this tactic with food and so any calories consumed are quickly stored as fat and so weight fluctuations are intensified.What is the answer?When we look at the facts you will notice that 95% of people who suffer with colon problems and weight problems follow a poor diet and eat the wrong foods. A couple of small changes to the eating habits and diets will result in a colon that functions better, reduced weight and an increase in metabolism.Fruit contains a natural form of hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide releases oxygen into the colon and this oxygen is able to liquefy the colon contents and flush the colon without any adverse effect.

Many vegetables have the same effect and therefore a change in diet and eating habits could be the answer to all of your colon problems.
Some fresh fruit on a empty stomach is usually all that is needed to get your stomach going again.Unfortunately the poor diet that you have followed in the past will have taken it’s toll on your metabolism and so in order to get your metabolism up again, you may need a little help. Phen375 has spent years researching the answer and have developed a special diet designed to really get your metabolism back into top gear.
When you follow the diet supplied by Phen375 and use their water management plan combined with the fat burning pills, you will find that suddenly you start to lose extreme amounts of weight and feel so healthy and full of energy again, that you will be wondering why you have never tried this before.You see, to merely lose weight by starvation or purging is easy, but you will never feel good about yourself and will do damage to your health. The minute that you stop you will also start to gain weight just as fast or faster than you lost it.Because the Phen375 system increases the speed at which your body burns off calories, you need not starve or purge, but simply follow their plan and you will be losing at least 3 to 5 lbs per week.

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