Egg drop projects challenge students and individuals to devise working contraptions to safely land an egg without causing it to crack.
To Put It Bluntly The egg dropping device should be such that it creates air resistance which slows the descent, thus minimizing the impact on contact with the ground.Egg drop competitions are held in schools and colleges where students compete with one another to create unique devices to safely land an egg when dropped from a decided height.
There's always something fun to do at Schlitterbahn -- whether you like riding thrill rides, floating an endless river, or simply lounging by the pool. Every since visiting the original Schlitterbahn in New Braunfels, I've been a fan of these water parks and have returned often.
The goal is to keep the raw egg intact, and minimize the impact on the egg encased in the contraption.

The egg drop project is definitely a means for students to learn the basics of science―from velocity and force to rate of speed.
However, we can’t help but notice there is a lot of misunderstanding as to what this ride entails and how it will be operated. Except for the exact height. We will be announcing that sometime in late April – stay tuned!
That scale model built by our development team was tested, and the lessons learned  in the test were incorporated into the design of the full scale Verruckt.
This Spring Verruckt will undergo another round of extensive testing and the waterslide designer himself – Jeff Henry (one of the owners of Schlitterbahn)  – will be among the first riders during testing.

Be sure to read the safety signs posted at the bottom before you decide to walk the 264 steps to the top.
Schlitterbahn has invented numerous water rides, and we test each one long before any guest gets near it. When we open Verruckt it will have completed testing and be ready for those courageous enough to ride.

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