I am so excited for this program because it is going to change the way people get ready for summer, or a wedding, or any special occasion. You know how most workout programs come with a nutrition guide that takes you days to read and then you spend a ton of money on groceries to try an follow the nutrition guide? It even comes with special 21 Day Fix Portion Control Containers that you use throughout the program. Simple!21 Day Fix Portion Control System21 Day Fix Workouts21 Day Fix consists of 7 different 30 minute workouts, that are done for a three week period. The trainer, Autumn Calabrese keeps all the workouts very simple, so anyone at any fitness level can jump in, and get incredible results.
More on that in the next section.The 21 Day Portion Control SystemOne of the most important things in a fitness and weight loss workout program is nutrition.

With 21 Day Fix, you can improve your health and fitness in less time, and get incredible results that would normally take 60 to 90 days to achieve. The 21 Day Fix program is a one of a kind system that uses containers to teach you an easy, fast, and accurate way to control how much you eat. You can even have wine while doing the 21 Day Fix!21 Day Fix Nutrition GuideWith the 21 Day Fix, you will get a set of 7 color coded containers, as well as a free Shakeology Cup so that you can get all your nutrition in the right quantities, into your body.Who is 21 Day Fix For?Autumn is actually a single mom, and a fitness trainer that needed a way to stay in the best shape of her life.
You can do 21 Day Fix anywhere!21 Day Fix Launch at Leadership RetreatWant to see 21 Day Fix in action?
I was lucky enough to get to do one of the workouts, and I have to tell you, it was an incredible workout. Here is the launch video of the workout, so you can get a chance to see Autumn Calabrese in action!And of course, here is what the workout is all bout.

In this video you can see exactly what kinds of results you can expect from Autumn Calabrese’s new workout program, 21 Day Fix.When will 21 Day Fix Be Available?21 Day Fix is available right now! They are human beings too.By Rebecca Rosado Woolfe 23 Nov 2013That was really rude, Amanda.

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