You want to reduce body weight, bring your body in great shape and get rid of excess belly fat fast? We use cookies to personalise content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic. Carbohydrates are nothing but micro-nutrients that are usually found in foods and beverages.
The carb diet is a diet that contains real foods that involve natural foods and unprocessed foods with low carbohydrate content. Let us know the basic foods that are good or bad to be consumed when one is trying to lose weight. For thousands of years, people have used acupuncture and acupressure as alternative ways to treat their health issues and reduce the symptoms of certain conditions.
Hence, if you need to treat certain body organ and enhance its activity, you need to massage the point on the body which is related to it. So, the massage of these particular points can lead to increased energy levels, accelerated metabolism, elimination of excess fat and prevention of fat deposits. The massage of this point will provide elimination of high body heat, and will also stimulate the function of the intestines. This point is called Zu San Li, and is most commonly used in acupressure. It is extremely beneficial, as apart from boosting the digestion, it also plays a significant role in preventing and reducing other inflammatory processes.
Therefore, it is also called “the point of a hundred diseases’ or “the point of longevity”. Moreover, do not be worried if you feel a mild discomfort or pain during the massage, as it is absolutely normal, and it indicated that you are doing the massage properly.

The massage of this point will help you speed up your metabolism, and thus, you will more easily manage to lose excess pounds. The Most Effective Ways To Get Your Clothes Really White without Using Any Bleach – Natural and Inexpensive Solutions! The sugars and starches that are absorbed from the food are broken down into simpler forms of sugars. The main reason for this is that they think it involves consumption of saturated fat, which later increases the cholesterol level and thus the risks of a heart disease. Recent research has shown that saturated fat creates increases the amount of good cholesterol that does not cause heart diseases. That is to say, every single body organ is related to a point on the body, by the energy channels in it.
Namely, by applying pressure on the following 4 points, you will get rid of the excess pounds and get the body you always dreamed of. This point is extremely important, as it is the point where all the body energy passes through it. When it comes to excess weight, the regular massage of this point is believed to be able to help you lose a pound in a week. Massage it gently and apply continuous pressure on the ear using your thumb for three minutes. This  may reduce the risk of heart diseases, cancer, diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Many people are now becoming health conscious and thus prefer taking a diet plans to lose weight. Food manufacturers also add in some amount of carbohydrates in manufacturing foods in the form of starch or added sugars.
It depends on how healthy a person is, how active he is during the day and how much weight does he want to lose.

Normal people should also avoid having coffee late during the day as it may ruin ones sleep. Moreover, a such weight loss diet plan is said to be a more effective weight loss plan rather than a low fat diet.
You can find this point just between the nose and upper lip. Massage it for 5 minutes, two times a day.
However, note that you should not practice it just before you go to bed at night, as it might lead to insomnia. Each of them would differ from the other by the amount of carbohydrates they may suggest one to intake.
It is important for a person who is active throughout the day that consumes enough water at regular intervals or as and when he feels thirsty.
This is because, a low fat diet would only help in reducing the amount of fat consumption, whereas  carb diet  helps to  burn the fats that are already present in the body. This burning of stored fat helps in shedding excess weight and reduce the amount of risks of different health diseases.

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