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It is fairly simple to calculate how many calories you need to consume in order to lose the weight in a healthy manner. Facts, Hints, Tips, Advice and Inspiration on everything to do about health & weight loss.
Yes, each gram of fat you consume provides more than twice as many calories as a gram of protein or carbohydrate! If you check a food label you may find that the total number of calories listed doesn’t match the number you arrive at using the 4-9-4 method described above. Insoluble fiber passes through your body without being converted to a form that provides energy, or calories.

You might think that you could subtract the figure for fiber from the figure for carbohydrates to correct the discrepancy. Calories in Alcohol:  You will also find that the numbers do not add up when you are looking at the caloric value of liquor. Should the total:   736 calories  or is 666 calories factoring in the the fibre has been deducted??????
The reason for the discrepancy may be that the figure for carbohydrates includes insoluble fiber, and the food manufacturer has accounted for this in their figure for calories. Knowing this, the manufacturer may subtract the caloric value of the insoluble fiber (4 calories per gram) from the total calories figure. But the figure for fiber will likely include both soluble and insoluble fiber, and you’d only want to subtract the insoluble fiber.

This is because the total calories for liquor include the calories in the alcohol, and this is not addressed by the 4-9-4 equation. When they do this, the 4-9-4 method will give you a higher figure for total calories than the one you find on the food label. Unfortunately you have no way of knowing how much of the fiber is soluble, and how much is insoluble.

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