Many moms wish to return to their pre-baby size.A  Holly and her Avitality fat loss system helped me reach and EVEN BETTER pre-baby body!! Bekah, What a beautiful example of what can be achieved when a busy mom makes a commitment and follows through with Consistency! This entry was posted on Saturday, November 10th, 2012 at 12:59 pmand is filed under Success Stories, Transformation Challenge. If you step on the scale several days after you give birth, then you will likely have one of two reactions – disappointment or complete horror a€“ as yourA weight lossA is either not as much as you had hoped, or in some cases, your weight might not have changed much. Almost all women will want to lose the weight which they have gained over the course of their pregnancy as soon as possible.
How long it takes you to return to your pre-pregnancy weightA and shape largely depends on how much weight you gained while pregnant; if you followed a regular exercise program, how healthy you ate and if you breastfeed or not. If you allow for a 3 month recovery periodA after giving birth, then you should easily be able to get back to your pre-pregnancy weight within 6-8 months. If you exercised during pregnancyA and had an uncomplicated vaginal delivery, it’s generally safe to begin light exercise within days of delivery a€” or as soon as you feel ready.

If you had a C-sectionA or a complicated birth, talk to your health care provider about when to start an exercise program. Many new moms find exercise the key to losing the baby weight, and studies support their experience. A 2007 Harvard University study of new momsA found that women who walked 30 minutes each day had a 34 percent lower chance of retaining a significant amount of weight (defined as 11 pounds or more) at their babya€™s first birthday. Find easy ways to increase your exercise like parking farther away or using stairs instead of elevators. Breastfeeding burns about 500 calories per day so the longer you breastfeed, the more calories you burn. Ki & Ka song High Heels: Arjun Kapoor dancing in RED PUMPS is the only thing you need to see today! After gaining 55 lbs with my second pregnancy last year, I had some work to do to get my body back after delivering October 2011. Thank you for helping to instill hope in the minds and hearts of moms everywhere that you truly CAN achieve an even BETTER post baby body with the right attitude and tools!

Research also shows that exercise helps new moms preserve muscle massa€”and thus appear more toneda€”than moms who drop weight just by dieting.
Weather-permitting, take a 10 minute walk with the baby every day and slowly increase your time to 20 minutes per day. As a former Cardio Queen, I had to take a new approach to my workouts in order to get the results I was after. It might not sound much, but that adds up to aA weight lossA of a stone in less than two months.
FYM has not only transformed my body, but my attitude about myself, food and exercise as well.A  I used to be a long distance runner, but now I LOVE my FYM WOs so much more!
By following the FYM Workouts, Trouble Spot Solution and the Workouts of the Month at , I dropped 4 pants sizes and over 40 lbs in 7 short months.A  I have exceeded my goals!

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