Running—whether for a purpose or for sport—can be intense on the body, and such intensity comes the demand for fuel; in other words, nutrition. Carbohydrates, proteins, “good” fats, and other nutrients are all vital components in the runner’s toolkit, and being vegan make the task of getting all those vital components fairly difficult; that is, if you are not informed. Essential not only for optimal running, but for life itself, protein is key component in any diet—vegan or not. For the vegan runner, the daily intake of carbohydrates should be based primarily upon body weight and the intensity of training.
The problem for vegans is that zinc and iron are not absorbed as thoroughly through plant-based sources and they are through meat and other animal-related sources. So sit back and check out these awesome food hacks that will reduce your fat intake and overall calorie intake without restricting you to salad and lemon cleanse drinks! You can still tell that it isn’t the full flavor soda, but the flavor is much closer to the original.
Another product option for the fat free beans is this one that I found last year and really love. We throw these in our macaroni and cheese or just give them to the kids as a meal or snack. Okay so maybe this one isn’t revolutionary, but using turkey breast instead of other meats can really reduce saturated fat and overall fat intake significantly. WalMart makes a fat free cream cheese that is actually cheaper than other cream cheese brands.
You can make these lower fat when mixing by using egg whites and apple sauce instead of whole eggs and oil. Do you have some nutrition tips to avoid fat and “trick” your family into eating healthier?

Luckily, the vegan community has come a long way and getting the proper nutrition needed to fuel the performance, stamina, and longevity demands of running is actually quite simple.
If we break protein down and look at it from a scientific point of view, it is the amino acids present in protein that really play an important role. Describing carbohydrates can be difficult, but basically they’re continuous chains of sugar that are broken down into glucose by the body. Zinc can be considered a sort of internal medicine as it does wonders for the body by fighting infection and providing an overall support system for the body to repair any injuries. If that wasn’t hard enough on vegans, the simple aspect of running can spur the loss of iron in a variety of ways. All of these foods are available at a small neighborhood Wal-Mart within walking distance to our home. This is especially true for those in the vegan community who do not rely on traditional dietary staples such as lean meats and fish.
It is the amino acids that provide the sturdy foundation necessary for the development of muscle, the repairing of tissue, and providing energy for the body. It is recommended that the average runner take in approximately 15% of their total calories in protein. In a nutshell, that glucose is used to feed the cells and give the body the energy needed to function. So as an example, if a runner weighed 130 pounds and is training heavily for an upcoming marathon and was trying to take in 5 grams of carbs per pound of body weight, he or she would need 650 grams of carbohydrates (130 x 5 = 650).
First and foremost, iron and zinc, as well as other minerals and nutrients are lost simply by sweating.
For iron, vegans can enjoy everything ranging from soybeans and tempeh, to leafy greens such as spinach.

While most folks get their protein from beef, fish, poultry and eggs, vegans have to look elsewhere for adequate sources of protein. So mathematically, if a person were to consume 2,700 calories in a day, 405 calories should be from protein (2,700 x 0.15 = 405). In other cases, some runners will experience a very small bleed internally in which iron can be lost.
In fact, all of the protein sources listed above—especially grains—are excellent sources of carbohydrates. Furthermore, because running require the constant (and sometimes violent) contact between feet and pavement, blood cells located on the bottom of the foot can literally explode, resulting in a further loss of iron.
In fact, a simple trip to the grocery store can yield plenty of viable sources including seeds, nuts, beans, lentils and legumes, as well as a bevy of non-dairy milks.
Another phenomenal source of carbs can be found fruits and vegetables (especially leafy green vegetables). For the runner, this is essential as the muscles and body tissue are taxed heavily during a run and require and adequate supply of oxygen constantly. Using fat free cheese can really cut out a TON of fat and calories from your diet if you eat half as much cheese as we do! When we started trying to decrease our fat intake we spent a fair amount of time trying to find a better solution for hot dogs.

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