I’ll put my hands up and say, if you consume five shakes per day you will dramatically lose weight. I’m not sure of the scientific reasoning but when humans are told not to do something, they want to do it more. We teach our clients that balanced healthy eating is the way to go, with the occasional treat.  A trainer friend of mine lives in France and bemoans that they all eat pastries for breakfast and drink everyday, but none of them are overweight!  Why?  Because of moderation. That being said, I could tell without reading, as I imagine many others could, you didn't lift weight with any sort of consistency.

It would be hard to tell your previous weight from your current pics, no visible loose skin(Which is what I'm worried about on my current cut from 230 lbs.) Thank you for posting this, huge motivation. 400-500 calories per day, so a Herbalife diet drops calories so low, it doesn’t leave room for other essential bodily functions. The diet had ended, I had been restricting myself for too long – the willpower had runout. Now I’m one of the most driven people you’ll meet and if this happened to me, it will happen to you!

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