Even if you need to lose more than 25lbs, use this program as a jump start – it will skyrocket your MOTIVATION! Ive always struggled with my weight and at times have lost weight, but then have ended up gaining it all back. If life's pace slows when one travels to South America, it decelerates even more in Uruguay.
Located on the Atlantic coast of South America, 30 degrees south of the equator, Uruguay is dwarfed by Brazil to the north and Argentina to the west. Later, I saw for myself: After midnight, tables spilled out of restaurants and covered the sidewalks. The traditional way to prepare meat in Uruguay is on the parrillero, a wood-burning barbecue. After meat, the second most important diet staple in Montevideo is dulce de leche, a rich confection the consistency of caramel. Montevideo is home to nearly half of the country's population, and its biggest residential neighborhood is Pocitos, a strip of high-rise apartment buildings and restaurants along the coast. Thanks to its compact size, Uruguay offers several attractions that make perfect day or weekend trips.
My third trip outside Montevideo was to San Pedro de Timote, built in 1830 and the largest of about 100 estancias, or farms, around the country.
The Heart of the Matter: What Does America Really Know about Coronary Artery Disease Treatments? I started last year May and decided I would lose 50 pounds for my sister’s wedding March of this year.
Exercise like crazy, spin class and the stairmaster every day before I did weights …. Montevideo, Uruguay is warm, slow and sweet--even if the locals do socialize all night long. Montevideo is often forgotten, overshadowed by its larger and more sophisticated counterpart in Argentina: Buenos Aires.

The Old City came alive, with crowds of young people filling the blocks until long after I had crawled into bed.
The 136-year-old Mercado del Puerto, on the western edge of the city, is a lively collection of casual restaurants that serve every cut of meat imaginable. In summer months, the beaches and promenades are packed during the day and filled with young people playing futbol past midnight.
And although the roads are generally good, I would recommend hiring a driver or taking a bus. Many of these traditional ranches have opened their doors for visitors to take part in horseback riding, cattle herding and harvesting. I know that I have a long way to go, but i am just so proud of what I have accomplished so far! The first few months of this year I was so depressed, it took me until April to snap out of it. As we walked across a field toward our horses in the sunshine, I repeatedly found myself several steps ahead of my sombrero-wearing guide.
And I came to understand what South Americans know well: Whether it's playing on the beach, dancing in a nightclub, watching a soccer match or working on a ranch, one travels to Uruguay to relax. But anonymity has its benefits: The city is recognized as one of the safest in the world, and the people are friendly, peaceful and proud of their small country. He said mate is a stimulant, loaded with caffeine and, although it's completely legal, it's not appropriate restaurant fare. Avenida 18 de Julio is the main strip running through downtown, but many locals now shop at one of four malls in the city. For lighter crowds, cooler temperatures and slightly cheaper rates, visit in March or April. TransHotel (402-9935) offers day trips to Colonia and Punta del Este and tours through the city, in several languages. Took me three weeks for twenty pounds with meal replacements, super careful calorie counting, and cardio everyday for 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Now I’ve decided to lose the rest for another event, and it helps so much working towards something. Most Uruguayans trace their families back to Spain or Italy, and, today, locals are still likely to speak Italian or Portuguese as a second language. My first night, at 7:30, I walked into the Ciudad Vieja, the Old City, and the restaurants were closed.
A Sunday shopping gem: open-air TristA?n Narvaja Market, which covers more than six city blocks and offers everything from fresh pasta to antiques. Grassy hills spread out to the horizon like green velvet, speckled with black and brown cows. Even a non-Spanish speaker understands when she's told by a tanned, handsome cowboy to put on the brakes. English is not widely spoken, American retailers are nearly nonexistent, and fellow tourists are likely to be Argentineans rather than Americansa€”which creates a blissful sense of remoteness.
Wash your meat down with local favorite medio y medio, a bubbly, sweet white wine, or Uruguayan Tannat wine.
At the ranch, I took a horse out in the morning with a gaucho who rolled his own cigarettes as he rode.
I was going to stop at 140 but I found out that I need to lose more to get into the army for my weight standard. And it had: At last, I was moving at a speed that reflected the peaceful country around me, and I hoped to never speed up again.

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