Just food for thought: If you see this picture and think something along the lines of “Eeew! I went through a period of time in high school when I refused to shave my legs and arm pits unless my boyfriend at the time did the same.
It’s nice to see that Mattel is looking out for young girls’ best interests by turning Joan into a more-appropriate body-image role model before marketing her as a plaything, huh? We wouldn’t want our children playing with anatomically proportioned dolls, now, would we? Sorry for the contraversial and depressing subject but I saw this and really felt the need to say something .
Anorexia as we all know is most likley to start in teenage years , the years where we are conscious of our image .
There is a difference between being healthy and being skinny!These are the first signs of anorexia effecting your body , do they sound healthy to you?
Beauty can be found in everything, and those that close their mind to different body shapes and sizes are only feeding the ignorance and hatred that exists today.

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I have no idea why people employ people this skinny [1]Most people think about how skinny the girl is and not the clothes they are promoting or how good the photographers shot is . Why do employers bother it is only making her think it is more acceptable to be this skinny .

Obesity, however, is something that in many (and I am by no means saying all) cases CAN be managed. And for one final remark on this issue- I fly quite frequently, and have had short people get angry with me for reclining my seat. I think all the women on the show are beautiful in their own way, and their bodies are perfect just the way they are.
My dad even called me overweight last summer (which I am not- I am in the healthy weight range and perfectly happy with that).

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