The HCG diet is available  as weight loss drops (hcg oral drops) or via weight loss injections (hcg injections) the choice is yours and they cost the same. We have thousands of satisfied clients who have used the HCG weight loss system to lose weight fast and they have kept the weight off long term.
Be sure to also visit our Diet Information and FAQ pages which also feature detailed videos and information which will explain precisely how the diet was developed and also give you a host of information you need for proof that this system is safe for you and will help you to lose and keep off those dreaded extra KGs and inches for good.
We supply complete hcg diet eating directions with every HCG Diet System sold which includes a full 30 day hcg diet eating plan drawn up by a nutritionist who used our hcg diet to lose weight. It includes  90 tasty and nutritious meals that you can prepare beforehand to help you avoid the boredom of eating the same old stuff every day!
Our hcg diet eating recipes is indeed one of the major reasons our clients are able to get through the first 30 days in a breeze!
In fact it worked that well that I soon fell pregnant with my third child and cried my eyes out for a week!
Whether you opt to buy hcg injections or the hcg drops, you will have periods of uncertainty on the diet.
As I mentioned above, I am available on WhatsApp, email and the phone whenever you need me!
If you need help or advice, call me, Whats Me email me, Skype me or text me and I will do my level best to help you.
I wanted to let you know just how delighted I am since finding you guys and starting on the HCG Diet. I could not have asked for a better Xmas present after losing 10Kgs in just 4 short weeks I could not be happier. It was difficult in the first week but from there on in I never looked back and not only was I losing weight but I have never had so much energy and even if I say myself I feel and look radiant.
Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to tell everyone that is battling to lose weight how happy I am with the great results I've achieved.
Well having tried just about every slimming plan and fad on the market I was very skeptical of the claims that HCG Diet system made. I am absolutely ecstatic with my own results as after almost 3 weeks I am now down two dress sizes, yes you read that right TWO dress sizes and 11kgs lighter. I could not be happier and have just bought myself the sexiest slinkiest little cocktail dress that I will be wearing tomorrow evening to our Xmas Eve function.
Hey you guys this HCG weight loss system is Simply The Best, yes better than all the rest!! I have been taking the HCG Diet injections and following the diet plan for 32 days now and the results have been nothing less than spectacular. I now am 14kgs lighter than I was 32 days ago and I have found the plan easy and simple to follow. Not only am I looking great but I feel like a new person as well as I have boundless energy, my skin and hair are looking great as well. Meal plans can help you lose weight as you know ahead of time what you should eat each day. Breakfast is a very important meal of the day as it push-starts your metabolism, reduces satiety, and even prevents overeating later in the day. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions.
In general, slow and steady weight loss is healthier than rapid weight loss, and you are more likely to keep the pounds off instead of gaining them back. If you want to lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks, the right tips may help you lose the weight in a way that makes it less likely that you will just gain it back.
In addition to regular workouts, look for ways to incorporate more activity into your daily life.
Figuring out the best way to lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks can be tricky, but with the right advice, you can achieve this goal. Ftc: weightloss company roca labs' attempts silence, The federal trade commission is suing weight loss supplement company roca labs for threatening legal action against customers that complained or wrote negative.
You want to make sure your weight is not more than 10 pounds over what you weighed when you turned 21 and keep it there.
When you’re thinking about foods for weight loss, considering what to eat and formulating an eating plan is only half the battle.
Recipe: Take a glass of lukewarm water, add two or three tablespoons of lemon juice and a pinch of black pepper.
Have you ever noticed that on the weekends, you have a lot more time to go out and eat a chili cheese dog or buttered popcorn? On any matter relating to your health or well-being, please check with an appropriate health professional.
By Joe (MSc Nutrition), Dietitian 21 Comments Losing weight and keeping it off can be a struggle. But if you break down the process into small steps, and tick each box as you go, weight loss comes much easier. This guide covers the 6 fundamental steps required to successfully lose weight with an underactive thyroid. I wanted to begin with a nutrition recommendation, but correcting your thyroid medication first priority. If your medication is not helping to correct TSH and thyroid hormone levels, as well as relieve symptoms, then weight loss goes from difficult to impossible.
Work with your health care provider to determine what type of medication is better for you, and also to find the optimal dose required. Summary: It is fundamental to work with your doctor to explore what type and dose of thyroid medication is best for you. That said, carbs in the form of added sugars and highly refined starches are unhealthy and unnecessary.
In fact, the average American adult’s consumption of added sugar increased by more than 30% in the last 30 years, with children consuming approximately 20% more. This is done by limiting intake of junk foods, flavoured drinks (including juice), alcohol, white bread, most cereals and muesli bars, and a good portion of packaged food in your supermarket’s “health food” aisle. Now it’s unrealistic (and unfair) to expect yourself to completely avoid added sugar every day of the year.
Start by not having junk foods at home, or at least keep them out of sight in a cupboard you never use.
Summary: Added sugar makes up a large portion of the excess calories an average person consumes each day. If you want to lose weight with an underactive thyroid, these should be the foundation of almost every meal you make, and plated first when serving. Studies show high protein diets may also reduce obsessive thoughts about food by 60% and cut desire for late-night snacks by half (3, 4).
Protein is also the muscle-building nutrient, so a high protein diet complements regular exercise.
The nutrient-density of meals is even more important for those with hypothyroidism and other autoimmune diseases, where nutrient absorption and deficiency are more common. Emphasis goes to green leafy vegetables, mushrooms and cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage.
Veggies are also our greatest source of fibre, a nutrient that feeds the healthy bacteria in our gut.
It is critical that your diet contains adequate quantities in order to optimise thyroid hormone production and metabolism. Therefore, it’s thought that low selenium levels contribute to hypothyroidism through alternate mechanisms related to iodine. In fact, the metabolism of zinc and thyroid hormones are closely interlinked, which is why a deficiency can lead to alopecia (hair loss) (7). While zinc deficiency is very uncommon in the developed world, it’s still recommended to eat a variety of zinc-rich foods (8). Iodine is also important for thyroid health, but in reality insufficient iodine levels that can harm the thyroid is extremely rare in developed countries (9). You’re much better off focusing on selenium and zinc-rich foods, many of which contain iodine anyways.
Summary: Consuming a diet naturally rich in selenium and zinc is critical for maintaining a healthy thyroid and metabolism.
However, if you want to kick-start your weight loss then regular exercise is the best way to do it.
Weight loss ultimately comes down to burning more energy (calories) than you consume- this is an undeniable law of physics.
Regularly lifting weights (or bodyweight exercises) is also highly beneficial, especially if mobility is an issue for you. Known as resistance exercise, it still helps burns additional calories, but with the added benefit of building lean muscle. There are numerous resistance exercise programs on Youtube for beginners, and you can do it all at home if you invest in a pair of dumbbells or even one kettle bell. This step is only for those with Hashimoto’s or another autoimmune disease, and only recommended if you already consistently follow steps 1 to 5 but are still very overweight. The Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) is an elimination diet that temporarily cuts out numerous food groups including dairy, grains, nuts and seeds, legumes, nightshade vegetables and more. The AIP goes by the premise that certain food chemicals and compounds cause low-grade inflammation in the gut of individuals with an autoimmune disease (in this case Hashimoto’s disease).
By removing the everyday trigger foods in your diet, inflammation subsides giving your body the opportunity to recover and “reset”; known medically as remission.

Although only temporary, elimination diets like AIP are highly restrictive and can get complicated if you take medications for other medical conditions or are at risk of nutrient deficiencies. Summary: Trialling the Autoimmune Protocol is an option if you have Hashimoto’s disease and have found steps 1 to 5 are no help. Prioritise sleep: Alongside poor diet and exercise, short sleep duration is one of the strongest risk factors for obesity.
Thyroid support supplements: Anecdotal reports suggest supplements can give you more energy, at least for the first few months of use.
Use smaller plates and small spoons: Studies show the bigger the plate and the bigger the cutlery, the more calories we consume (13). Plate your meals first: Instead of putting all the prepared food at the table (like a buffet), plate your meal first and then sit down. Be mindful: Mindful eating is about becoming more aware of your experiences, physical cues and feelings about food. I have been overweight for most of my adult life, especially after my children were born, I have been to many slimming classes lost dome weight and stopped going. Hi Jane it sounds like you would benefit from some inspiration from others who are in a similar situation.
Can’t see how it would be a problem, but ask your doctor first because it is a big diet change.
I have been doing some research, nothing seems to be cut and dry with hyperthyroidism, and it stinks, just a few questions, hope you can enlighten me a bit, but it says gluten free, but can we eat like whole grain bread, pasta etc?
Well its kind of weird, the tests were done probly 3 months ago and it said my tsh and t4 were in the normal range but the t3 was a bit over the range, which normally means hyper, but I’m gaining weight, fast, so they gave me a med, had the blood work ran again, my tsh t4 and t3 are now in the normal range, I know normal range doesn’t mean much, but my inflammation was up?
I went in today, they are going to send me the results of my scan, but she says I either have a viral problem with the medication, so she told me to stop taking it and come back in 6 weeks, said I could have graves disease and she’s not ruling out hoshimotos, so, what does this tell me? I have been on levothyroxine for 2 years now… im up and down with my weight and iam up and down with fatiuge ect. Can taking thyroid medication before bed be helpful versus taking it in the morning and waiting 2 hours before eating. But it needs to be fasting stomach if you take it at night too- so you must not eat something for 2 hours at night, then take it before sleep. It is an affordable diet plan that offers genuinely fast weight loss, that is safe plus it offers long term results.  It is available right here in Johannesburg South Africa! In fact I first went on this diet about 30 years ago after piling on the weight during and after the birth of my second child. But because of the excellent training and knowledge about correct eating I had become accustomed to whilst on the diet, gaining weight was never again a problem for me. I have found that by going the extra mile and giving above and beyond what most people expect these days is what helps my clients complete the course AND are happy to recommend me to their friends and family.
Following a meal plan will let you know how many calories you are having on a daily basis, getting you closer to your weight loss aim. A healthy serving of protein, fat and carbohydrates should be included in your evening meal.
Results will vary based on each patient’s physical health, family history, diet and exercise, physical condition and adherence to the MedShape Weight Loss program.
Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers.
When you want to lose weight quickly, you need to find exercises that are going to burn the most calories. Basically, this form of training involves alternating periods of peak intensity with periods of rest.
Not only is this good for your general health, but it helps you feel full more quickly so that you will eat less. In fact, how much you weigh, in relation to your height, your waist size (pinching more than an inch of flab?) and how many pounds you’ve gained since your mid-20s have a huge impact on your health. So we’re going to outline the best strategies for weight loss, foods for weight loss and natural fat loss remedies. If you’re overweight, your critical first step is to prevent yourself from gaining more!
Well, when you’re looking for effective, quick weight loss, there are certain things you can do.
The bottom line (after all, you want to reduce that big bottom) is finding good ways to keep you on track for your weight loss goals. That flabby flesh seems to settle and spread out around the waist, creating a belly that looks as though you’ve spent every one of your Saturdays drinking beer.
No statement herein is to be construed as a diagnosis, treatment, preventative, or cure for any disease, disorder or abnormal physical state. While Levothyroxine is on average more effective, Armour is reportedly much better tolerated. But you need to begin taking actionable steps that help you cut back and form healthier habits. That is, it has a unique ability to reduce appetite and therefore your overall caloric intake too. Studies show that long-term low fibre intake will completely throw out the balance of your gut bacteria; the effects on the gut health of mice was irreversible (5). That’s the reason the thyroid has the highest selenium content (per gram of tissue) of all our organs (6).
Being active is the only way to burn additional calories, and also improves aspects of health that even perfect nutrition can’t provide, such as strength and mobility. Research shows that low-intensity exercise that lasts longer – such as regular long walks – are just as effective for weight loss, especially if you are just starting out (10). The more muscle you have, the faster your metabolism and the less likely you are to fall ill (11). It is said to have emerged from the Paleo movement (and sometimes referred to as Autoimmune Paleo), but to describe it as Paleo seems too basic. Low-grade inflammation appears to be a driving factor behind many modern health conditions, including autoimmune diseases, metabolic disorder and obesity too (12).
This is what celiac patients experience when they go gluten-free, or most IBS patients when they follow a low FODMAP diet.
That means we still cannot reliably say what foods influence autoimmune diseases and their symptoms (nor to what extent).
It may help with weight loss given its (theoretical) influence on inflammation and its highly restrictive nature. Research suggests the more water we drink before meals, the fewer calories we eat overall (14). I recommend searching for hypothyroidism on facebook groups, there are many who are successfully doing exactly what you have described. I found out nothing today, I forgot to take my medication once and I felt really weird, now I’m gonna feel weird all the time? You can try the 14-day diet for sure, but it is basically a meal plan that is zero junk foods and also gluten free. Our hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) Diet Plan is a proven method to get rid of unwanted kilograms and, you’ll keep them off because it also restores a sluggish metabolism. Whilst some prefer to buy weight loss drops I find that the majority do prefer to buy hcg injections. It has been proven to be one of the safest, most effective and up to date diet protocols available in 2016.
I lost a total of 34 KGs so I can indeed testify to the effectiveness of this remarkable diet. Your skin will feel more elastic, your hair will shine more and your whole body just feels good. Having an organized eating plan will prevent unwanted overeating and gorging unhealthy foods.
Lean protein choices comprise eggs, low-fat cheese, low-fat yogurt, peanut butter and even lean bacon. No prescriptions or treatments will be administered unless a clinical need exists based on an examination, any necessary testing or labs, a medical consultation and current medical history. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois).
When you want to lose 10 pounds, you need to burn nearly 35,000 more calories than you consume. For example, you might run at a full-out sprint for 20 or 30 seconds, and then walk for a minute. If there are some active chores that you have been putting off, this is a great opportunity to get them done. When you drink a glass of water before you sit down to eat, your body will feel full and you won’t eat as much. Click image to get bigger picture, and if you find Goo Goo Weight Loss Photos interesting, you might pin it to Pinterest. Excess weight puts you on the list for heart attack and stroke, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, gallstones, asthma, cataracts.. Keeping it natural with the portion control, good foods and an activity plan is the best way to reach your goals.
One pound equals about 3,500 calories, so you need to reduce your caloric intake by 500 to 1,000 calories per day to lose about one to two pounds per week. Again, it’s important to incorporate strategies that you like and turn them into good weight management habits for a lifetime.

Green tea is a powerful antioxidant that can help keep your metabolism running in fine form.
It contains tartaric acid that helps prevent carbohydrates and sugar from getting converted into fats. There’s a lot to be said for the slow food movement, the trend to prepare fresh, locally-sourced meals and sit down at the table with family or friends to enjoy them – instead of relying on fast food. There are many benefits to this ancient practice – and you can count weight loss among them.
There’s no magic one-size-fits-all approach, but developing a healthy eating and exercise plan to suit your tastes will deliver lasting results.
But to lose weight or maintain your fine form, it’s important to remember that there are weight loss cycles in the same way that there are sleep cycles. The statements herein have not been evaluated by the Foods and Drugs Administration or Health Canada. If mobility is a problem for you, lifting weights or bodyweight exercises are a fantastic alternative. Im trying the 14 day meal plan but i cant find the plan , I printed off the grocery lists and now i cant find the preping part???? That is the only side effect of hcg that I am aware of, and I haven’t had one complaint yet. Nothing herein should be interpreted as implying medical treatment or injections are necessary for successful weight loss. Repeating this for 15 or 20 minutes will actually burn more calories than running at a moderate pace for 45 minutes or an hour. Doing some gardening, painting the living room, or washing your car can burn a lot of calories. Replace your unhealthy, processed snacks with healthy ones, such as fresh fruits and veggies, nuts, and seeds. For example, the recommended serving size for cooked chicken, such as a lean boneless breast, is one ounce. Cabbage also comes with a wide variety of nutrients which your body needs: Calcium, potassium, vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin E, sulphur, and magnesium. Practicing it regularly helps to lower stress, for one, and we know that too much of the stress hormone, cortisol, packs on belly fat like nobody’s business. It’s hard to say, but we cannot ignore the abundance of non-trial and anecdotal evidence (personal testimonial) that indicate AIP helps with a variety of symptoms. Whole grains will keep you full longer because of their fiber content and will add essential nutrients to your meal. Cheese and ten whole grain crackers, veggies and hummus, peanut butter and apples, popcorn, two graham crackers and cottage cheese are healthy options. Yet America is getting fatter, so we know there’s a serious problem and a growing burden on the health care system. The two key things you need to rev up your metabolism and build a strong body are proven natural fat loss remedies: Healthy eating plan and an exercise program that suits your lifestyle, your likes and your goals. A little lemon juice (not too much) helps neutralize stomach acids and reduce heartburn and acid reflux.
The caffeine in coffee can make exercise feel a lot easier, so you’ll be more likely to stick with it and give it your 100 percent effort. With yoga, you have mindful mediation, flexibility and you’re building strength and burning calories. Also, try making a salad for lunch packing it with chicken, greens, beans, cheese and nuts. This way – and this way only – you can develop good habits that will make all the difference between setbacks and long-term success.
There’s a huge body of research about why sleep is important and weight management is part of the puzzle. It also packs far more calories, not to mention harmful saturated and trans fat, than you need.
Sleep loss can increase hunger and negatively impact the body’s metabolism, making it more of a struggle to maintain or lose weight.
Studies show that people who eat at fast-food restaurants more than twice a week are more prone to gaining weight and developing diabetes than people who only occasionally eat at the golden arches.
But there are many negative effects of this popular stimulant, including insomnia, anxiety, headaches, palpitations and high blood pressure that also come into play. You don’t want to have a cup before exercise and then drink cup after cup throughout the day. Given below are some tips to lose weight fast for teenagers without harming your body.How to Lose Weight Fast at Home for Teenagers?1.
Avoid Skipping Meals:Skipping meals is actually counter-productive when it comes to losing weight. Most people have this misconception that skipping breakfast is a great way to cut calories. But the fact is, when you skip breakfast, you experience hunger pangs and end up binging during lunch. Certain studies have also observed that people who eat breakfast tend to have lower BMIs.2. Drink Plenty Of Fluids:Drinking fluids does not mean you have to gorge on aerated drinks, sodas and processed juices as they load your body with calories. Water is the best liquid that not only hydrates your body but also removes toxins from your system. Other fluids you can consume include unsweetened fruits juices diluted with water and low fat milk.
Fruit and vegetable juices are devoid of fiber, so eating whole fruits and vegetables is a better option.3. You can indulge in a cup of tea or frozen yoghurt if you need something sweet after dinner. But late night munching should be avoided as much as possible as whatever you eat gets stored in the body as fat. Give Up Unhealthy Snacks And Processed Foods:Most of us love to snack on chips, French fries, cakes, sausages, biscuits, pies and candies. However delicious they may be, they are high in unhealthy saturated fats and sugars that can lead to weight gain.
Greek yoghurt also helps boost your metabolism and can be eaten topped with honey and berries.6. But these results are short lived and are often accompanied by nutritional deficiencies and health risks.
As a teenager, you require adequate supply of all vital nutrients to fulfill your body’s growth requirements. Fad diets are nutritionally unbalanced and so the weight lost in the course of diet is likely to be regained after the diet is over. So it is important to choose your diet plan carefully to incorporate a healthy balanced diet with more physical activity.7. But they can prove to be unhealthy as they often eliminate whole food groups, thus depriving you of the nutrients from those food groups.
These diets are often high in saturated unhealthy fats that can cause high cholesterol and increase the risk of heart disease. These food items are a good source of calcium which is vital for healthy bones and their proper growth. Exercise Regularly:To be able to lose weight successfully, you need to make exercising a part of your daily routine. Slow down if you find yourself out of breath and increase the distance to be covered gradually. According to certain studies, walking for 15 minutes in a day can increase your life expectancy by 3 years. This is one of the easy ways to lose weight for teenagers!Dieting Tips to Lose Weight Fast for Teenagers:As stated earlier, you need not starve yourself to lose weight. High Fiber Foods:Foods that are high in fiber can keep you full for longer, thus keeping hunger at bay and minimizing calorie consumption. High Iron Foods:Iron is an important mineral as it facilitates the delivery of oxygen to the tissues and develops the brain and immune function. Vegetarian sources include spinach, asparagus, green peas, beans and nuts as well as fortified cereals, pasta and rice.4. Fruits and Vegetables:Fruits and vegetables are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals needed by a growing teen body. These can be easily taken in the form of baked or steamed veggies, fruit juices and smoothies. You can include other fluids like unsweetened fruit juices and milk.Hope this post on how to lose weight fast at home for teenagers helps you!It is very easy to fall into the trap of self hate when you lack self confidence, when the world uses cruel terms to address you, when all you want to do is lose a few kilos and when you are just a teenager without the life experience to know better. My main motto and objective in writing is to help you understand the fundamentals of health concepts to live a healthier and holistic life.

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