As someone who has personally experienced the difficulty of getting rid of those final pounds of stubborn body fat, I knew exactly where he was coming from and provided him with a few words of advice and encouragement that would be useful to anyone that is in a similar situation.
Any advice that you could provide to help make following my nutrition plan easier so I can shed those final pounds of stubborn body fat would be greatly appreciated! I can certainly sympathize with the struggles involved with shedding those last stubborn few pounds of body fat as those are without question the most difficult to get rid of. Since you said that following your nutrition plan gets harder the longer you follow it, I think you would benefit from allowing yourself a few cheat days each month. That way, you get to reward yourself 3 times each month for all of your hard work training and eating for fat loss, and it will make those 10 days a little more bearable as you know that you will get a break at the end.
I learned about this concept from a friend of mine who follows Tom Venuto’s Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle program that prescribes intermittent fasting as a great way to quickly shed those final pounds of body fat without losing any of your hard-earned muscle mass. My friend told me that Tom Venuto’s program worked great for helping him to shed about 5% body fat, getting him down to around 10%, while building several pounds of muscle in the process. I have found intermittent fasting to be more difficult for me to follow than monitoring my caloric intake and reducing my calories if I do not measure a reduction in my waist size after a week. However, my friend swears that he finds it easier to just commit to not eating for 24 hours than it is to try and monitor everything he eats throughout the day. You didn’t say much about your training plan, but based on the fact that your body fat percentage is fairly lean already, I would guess that you already understand the importance of cardiovascular training. If you are only doing a few cardio workouts per week, ramping up your cardio training frequency will enhance your fat burning results and may mean the difference in getting you over the hump to losing those last couple percentages of body fat. I wish there was a simple solution for getting lean and ripped, but the truth is that it takes hard work and dedication – no matter who you are. I am actually putting the finishing touches on a book that I am writing which details the exact program that I followed to get ripped and I hope to have it completed in the next few weeks.
I want to applaud you for the obvious strides you have already taken to be fit and healthy as getting down to 10-12% body fat is an accomplishment that few people ever achieve. Consume six small meals per day. Stoke up your body with food each 3-4 hours could rev the metabolism to the top.
Use a blue dinner plate. Researches show that blue color has appetite-suppressing effect (as opposite to yellow and red plates). Sub in non-fat Greek yogurt for sour cream and mayo — you will save 700 calories and 100 calories per half cup, in that order. Eat peanuts from the shells. You will nosh on 50 percent fewer nuts in sitting, simply by trying to peel them before you eat.
Train fasted once per week. It helps to keep the body’s adrenaline high and the blood sugar low. Exercise with your partner. The couples who train together are more than 34 percentlikely to stick to the workouts. Take real “before” photo. You will be more motivated knowing what you actually look like and where you really want to go. Choose elliptical with handle. You will recruit the muscles in the arms and burn more calories. Crust the proteins with the panko crumbs. They will stick to skinless chicken breast and pork chops without the need for some higher-calorie breads that are made of flour and eggs.

Include strawberries to the whey protein shake. Theyare rich in fiber, and will help you feel fuller. Eat more avocado. It is loaded with healthy fats that you need in order to keep the body burning fat.
Portion control pasta and potatoes. Servings of arrow roots shouldn’t be bigger than a baseball.
Look for the key words on restaurant menus, such as: baked, grilled, steamed, sauteed, oven-fried, marinara, primavera, and roasted. Throw some towel over the treadmill display console. Just focus on pushing yourself much harder. Squat heavy.  More muscles you could recruit with a proper form, stronger you will get, and more fat you will burn.
Train abs heavy. In place of regular sit-ups, try doing a few sets with the heaviest weights that you could hold.
Snack the smart way. Some small bag of popcorn rather than corn chips will save you about 60 calories. Go on a rock climbing. Even if you simply hit the indo0r rock wall, you will torch about 700 calories an hour. Find the rock-bottom moment. Draw from a point in your life when you knew that you had to make change. Unfortunately, your diet is extremely important and your ability to lose those final few percentages of body fat to reach your goal will be entirely contingent upon the effectiveness of your nutrition plan – and how well you follow it. What this would look like is something along the lines of following your lower calorie eating plan for 10 days or so, followed by one day where you eat whatever you want (within reason, of course).
Your results will be slightly slower, but following a plan like this is much more realistic in the long run. I have never tried Tom’s program, but my friend loves it and is pretty strong and ripped.
Anyway, based on my friend’s personal testimonial, Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle seems like something that may be right up your alley.
It is for this reason that I only occasionally use intermittent fasting when trying to lose those final pounds of unwanted body fat and do not incorporate it as part of my normal fat burning strategy.
When I am working on shedding those last 5 or 10 pounds of body fat I will ramp up my cardio workouts to 7 days a week for about 30 minutes each day.
That being said, there are ways to simplify the process of following your training and nutrition regimen and I hope my comments above are helpful for you. I am also going to include 6 months of personal email support to ensure that every person who purchases my book will have zero excuses for not getting lean and ripped. You have built a great foundation for yourself and it will prove useful as you continue building muscle, shedding fat and pressing on towards your goal of getting toned and ripped.
Losing weight proceeds successful increase in your body’s ability to burn fat in addition to reduction in the total calories you consume per meal.
The last few pounds of fat is proving to be the hardest to shed, and what I find the most challenging is consistently following my diet.
It can also allow you to eat less strictly during the rest of the week while still cutting fat since you are eliminating a full day’s worth of calories each 24 hour fasting period.

I prefer using my elliptical machine, but any cardio exercise that allows you to maintain an elevated heart rate for 30 minutes will work just fine.
I know what it is like to be fat and have no clue how to transform my body and I want to do my part to make sure others have access to a quality program that will guarantee their success.
Please use your real name (or a nickname) as using a business name or keyword will be considered spam and be automatically deleted. However, most people go on weight lose diets without the proper knowledge of the concepts associated with specific diets.
For instance, some people will reduce the volume of the food they eat with the hope of losing weight only to fail because they eat too little of calorie packed diets. On the other hand, others will starve themselves for some time only to break down under pressure and indulge in a variety of foods. Successful weight loss diets follow the same concept that ensures your body’s metabolism is increased and your calorie intake remains low.
The Mesomorph Labs CLA 2000 Formula Benefits Cardiovascular Health, High Cholesterol, Insulin Resistance, And Is Non-Gmo Vegan Safe With No Animal Ingredients! Furthermore, vegetables contain very little calories ensuring that your calorie intake remains low.
Fruits such as berries, oranges, and watermelons when taken between meals reduce the amount of food you eat.
If your appetite remains high you are more likely to fail in dieting because you will always be tempted to eat. The more often you eat the higher the chances that you are consuming more calories than your body needs. Proteins from red meat are packed with saturated fats that will not only lead to a weight increase but can also put your at risk of heart diseases.a.BeansSuch as black beans, are the best alternatives to red meat because they do not contain saturated fats? Furthermore, beans are bulky in nature and contain fewer calories ensuring that you get a full feeling with minimal calorie intake. This is because much of the saturated fat in chicken is concentrated below the skin and around internal organs. Vinegar and other spices contained in a marinade reduce the amount of saturated fats in meat. These foods have the property of reducing your calorie intake and increasing your body’s metabolism. The tips outlined here should act as guidelines for any person interested in quick weight loss. As a result, every time you prepare meals in your home ensure that you reduce your calorie intake by eating fruits and vegetables in between meals, opting for proteins with as little fat as possible, and eating appetite reducing carbohydrates. Furthermore, you can also burn extra fat in your body by eating spicy dessert, marinating meat, and snacking on chocolates.
These tips should ensure that you get the desired body weight and form in a timely manner and stay healthy.

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