You may have been impressed by Aimee Mullins’ red carpet look with her glamorous golden eye makeup.
According to our friends at TheFrisky certain zodiac signs correspond with certain eye-shapes. I kind of rolled my eyes when I saw the topic of this post, but honestly, I’m a Virgo and that is pretty much the shape of my eye lol. The cancerian eye is very confusing, imagine someone with two of those eyes, its practically slanting outwards downward at a 45 degree angle. I’m a Leo, but my eyes look more like Libra, unless if I smile, then they look like Leo. Another thing about signs is you have to check out what rising or decending signs you’re under. Hey, can you please send me some info on where exactly of how I can order some circle lenses and the cute Hello Kitty case?

Learn to perfect this tricky style that brings instant glam to any eye shape and eye color! So they would like to wear the golden eye makeup to compliment their gorgeous evening dresses.
Now, admittedly, that’s probably not going to change the way you see the world, but it’s just fun to see if they sync up! If the stars are going to control my destiny (and eyes), it might as well be in the position they’re in now instead of hundreds of years ago. I tricked myself and looked at other ones first pretending they were my star sign and they all fitted. Use of the web site constitues acceptance of the Defy Media Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The only lace weave styles I’d seen the time worth looking at were the looks as seen on stars ( Beyonce, Tyra banks, Ciara).

Although even with their fame and money they don’t always get it right so I wonder if it’s a worthy style to pursue. If you are going to create such a look like this, remember to draw yourself a thick winged eyeliner on both your upper and lower eyelids.
You’ll need two tones of golden shadows extending to your eye brows and a smudged wing tip black liner and mascara. In this video, Phan re-creates the "big eye" look for Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" music video.

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