During the summer months, this aromatic herb is favoured by many in drinks and dishes for its cool and refreshing taste. Kneel with feet behind you in front of sturdy chair, arms straight and palms pressing into seat. October 9, 2014 by Jenn We all want our skin healthy, but it can be hard to take care of our skin while we’re away from home, because let’s face it nobody wants to carry along all those extra items. If you’re looking for a few tips to keep your skin healthy while you travel I hope you enjoy and find use out of a few of these. Thanks to softer, smoother, cleaner skin you can feel great on the go too!  The Pulsaderm Buddy is German engineered, and designed to clean your skin better than manual cleansing.
Summer comes and so do skin problems like dark tans, acne breakouts, pigmentation and what not.

Now, what if we tell you that this same herb will help you in soothing your skin during the summer heat? I love sharing travel adventures, tech gadgets, recipes, parenting struggles (success), crafts, helpful tips, giveaways and sweepstakes, product reviews, and more. Now, who does not want to shine during the summer months when we have the best opportunity to show off our bodies? Combine some fresh mint leaves, a pinch of turmeric powder, and some lukewarm water to make a fine paste. When I'm not blogging, you'll find me spending time with my family, traveling, cooking, geeking out on tech, plotting the next home improvement, create crafts with the kids, and hang with my pitbull Skittles and newest bunny, Bun Bun. But then, not all of us are blessed with excessive money and time to keep heading to the salons and have our skin woes worked out.

Here comes your kitchen to the rescue; storm this best part of your house for some amazing homemade hacks to get a clear, fresh and glowing skin. Neither will they burn your pockets as salon visits do, nor will they be containing harmful chemicals to be applied on your poor sensitive skin which needs all the more care and attention after having gone through the blistering rays of sun.

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