The difference between looking fresh and youthful or older than you are can be as simple as the state of your bangs or the shade of your highlights.
Older: Bangs may hide creases in the forehead, but misplaced, wispy strands make hair seem straggly.
First, smear on a creamy, luminous, lightweight foundation—it’ll even out skin tone without looking mask-like. What-Are-The-Best-Hair-Styles-for-Middle- What Are The Best Hair Styles for Middle Aged Women? Choosing the right short curly hairstyles for women is not easy as the straight hairstyles. Very Short Hair Styles have long been a natural choice for busy super confident responsible and independent woman of authority. When it comes to giving back to the community, no one does it quite like Grammy Award winning superstar Kelly Rowland.
In addition most of the popular hairdressers tout that layered medium length hairstyles add softness mystery and distinction to any face cut.
You can also easily increase or decrease the number of layers to complement your look for this hairstyle. Of course, the opposite is also possible and sometimes people tell you that you look more mature when they actually mean you look old. Instead of opting for black or very dark shades, try instead something lighter like chocolate brown for example.

Strategically choosing and applying your makeup—and we’re not talking about painting on the wildest cat eye, or the reddest lipstick—can help you look younger, in mere minutes.
Bring it back by patting on a cream or gel blush in a medium pink shade to your apples and blending well.
Reinstate your lips’ shape with a pencil in a shade that matches their middle, then fill them in. Today the wordsmith returns with something introspective and rather unique, as he pens an open letter to his younger self. Check out the deep and informative letter right here and speak your mind on it after the jump.
A wavy hair, for example, is often perceived as making a person look younger and more friendly than straight hair. A study by Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania tweaked the skin tones of women 20 to 70 years old, then asked volunteers to guess the age of each.
Pick up a pencil eyeliner, pull your outer corners taut, then wiggle the tip in between your lashes, winging it outward slightly at the outer corners.
We love Clinique Cheek Pop Blush in Berry, because it works for all skin tones—but apply it with a light hand if you’re fair.
Prior to that, she held several editorial positions at CosmoGIRL!, including Assistant Beauty and Fitness editor, where she created beauty and fitness content for in-book and online. This unique and rather interesting letter finds the wordsmith speaking about subjects like his grandmother’s death, Jam Master Jay, his mother’s death, Eminem, the development of the hip-hop culture and more.

If you have blonde hair or you simply prefer this color, than make sure you choose the right shade. Braids are also a detail that softens the look and there’s a whole variety to choose from. Turns out, those with minimal contrast–meaning, little color difference between lips, eye area, and skin—looked the oldest. She has been a guest on Pix11 Morning News, New York Live, Wake Up With Al, and Inside Edition.
Honey blonde is a much better choice than the very light shades of blonde which look very superficial. Brushing a medium bronze eye shadow into your creases helps redefine the eye socket and helps eyes pop, too.
Then, top with a moisturizing balm in a matching shade—it’ll impart sheen that makes lips look plumper.
Whatever your favorite hair color is, remember to choose a shade which makes you look fresh and young as opposed to grouchy and old.

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