Future posts will go into these seven topics in more depth but I hope you have enjoyed reading my thoughts. I’m Libby and I’m of a certain age – the time when we find that without an effort age starts creeping up on us. I guess all celebrities cant make the list but Gabrielle Union, Halle Berry and Lenny Kravitz are also celebrities that look younger than their age.
Preity Zinta is a 40 years old woman but still we are fan of her attractive beauty and cuteness. Even at the age of 41 and being the mother of two kids, Karisma Kapoor is still fit and fine.
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You cannot have a confident spring in your step with a slouch not to mention the inevitable backache that will result from bad posture.
Don’t wear clothes your granny would be proud of but neither wear your teenage daughter’s clothes. Trim and tweeze bushy eyebrows into a nice shape but do not overdo it – long thin eyebrows are not attractive. This site is all about finding positive things to do to look younger and more importantly feel younger.

They found if people in their 70-s look younger than their age, they are more likely to enjoy longevity.Scientists observed more than 400 older twins over 8 years.
This 40 year old actresses is also a mother of two kids but still rocks the silver screen due to her attractive looks.
It’s really difficult for a woman to come back in her form after giving birth to a kid but Karisma has done it twice, a salute to her! She is 40 years old woman and a mother of one kid but still she looks perfect and sizzling hot. Rate of skin aging of humans can greatly be increased with smoking, eating over cooked foods and too much exposure to sunlight. It does not mean that you should not eat fried food or ice creams, have them but in moderate amounts. There are many solutions available from waxing to electrolysis but in spite of most beauty therapists saying you should not pluck them out with tweezers as it will encourage their growth, a quick tidy up with a pair of tweezers does no harm.
We lose some of our eyebrows as we age so for some of us it may be more a case of adding and enhancing what brows we have left after over plucking as youngsters.
She has the perfect smooth wrinkle free skin, fair complexion, gorgeous hair and perfect styles which makes her look like a doll even at the age of 47. There are ways to speed up the skin degeneration similarly there are certain tips that prevent aging and make you look younger for long time. Then, they handed the photos to independent experts asking them to assess perceived age of each twin. While some celebs choose to go under the knife to maintain their youth, others are naturally blessed with a fresh face that doesn’t seem to change.
Every one wants to look beautiful and young and many of us still search for the Fountain Of Youth.

Over exposure of sun can also make sun spots so when ever you go in the sun wear sunscreen. We all know aging is subject to a multitude of factors and not everyone matures in the same way. Women go to the extreme to keep themselves looking young, they spend many dollars on the special facial surgeries. You can take fruits blended with water or milk, this will remove your tiredness and make you feel fresh and young. In the course of the study, 37 percent of twins died, with most of them looking older than their age. However sometimes we can’t help but to gawk at the fact that certain celebrities look so young. But there are many other ways to have a youthful look, that will be cheap and will make you feel more of yourself.
Based on these findings, the scientists reached the conclusion, the younger you look, the longer you live. Feeling your childhood again will reduce your stress and make you joyous in turn you will look ultimately young, healthy and fresh.

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