I work casually and I have 3 little boys aged 1, 2 and 4 and have lost 14 kg using Lose Baby Weight. We are just over two weeks into the #countdowntosummer, and the scales haven’t moved for me. I know it is not the be all and end all but I have these constant battles in my head about the ‘numbers’. Now the old me would have looked at the scales and seen the same number over and over and eaten Maccas because what’s the point of the hard work if it’s not paying off?
Well just because I haven’t seen the results right now doesn’t mean results aren’t being made, and this is a life long journey I am on, and it will have to be consistent if I want to achieve my goals.
I currently weigh 57kg, and that’s great, I would like to lose a few more kilos, but my main issue is not being able to see what everyone else sees.
This gives me a massive confidence boost until I look in the mirror and see something that is not perfect. I am striving for perfection, in all aspects of my life, which is unachievable; I can’t be perfect because no one is. It is also ok to continue to work on the issues that worry me the most, but I have changed my mind set of working on it to make it perfect, to working on it to make it better.
So for the rest of the #countdowntosummer I will be learning to love myself, I will be using positive affirmations regarding me. Mums lose an average of 4-6kg (8-13 pounds) on our 28 Day Challenge and below are some of the amazing results from mums JUST LIKE YOU who are already using the 28 Day Challenge and losing tummy fat – make the change and join them today too! Thank you Brittany Carpenter for sharing this healthy recipe as part of our Scanpan Baking Competition. They look incredible with the fresh Summer strawberries on the side. All recipes MUST be made from healthy ingredients, be original recipes and have a MOUTH WATERING picture and calories to go with them.

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Mum of 3 Ash Petroff has been using our Healthy Mummy Smoothies for over 1 year and she has lost an incredible 20kgs*. Hello Ladies, I am one of your motivating mums and I have lost 4.2kgs* with Lose Baby Weight.
At the time of writing this update I am two and a half weeks into my post second pregnancy weight loss journey, having started on 28th December 2015.  I did not want to wait until the New Year so I started straight after Christmas.
So far, everything is going so well.  I have finally found my mojo and it is so great to be in this headspace. I had a few days last week where I was feeling negative and wanted to give in and give up but I didn’t let it get to me, I moved past it and by persisting, this made me stronger and spurred me on to keep going. I have been sticking to my January pledge to eat well with no unhealthy takeaways or unhealthy meals when eating out and no soft drink, cake, chocolate or biscuits. Although I have had these, that is probably only about 1% or less of the amount of bad food I was eating before now and so I am so very proud of how I have gone this month. I have found that my cravings have really subsided and for now it is getting easier the longer it has been since I have had something naughty to eat.
I reach my calorie target each day by having cereal for breakfast, a Healthy Mummy Smoothie for lunch and a Lose Baby Weight meal for dinner from either the 28 Day Challenge recipes, the 28 Day Meal and Exercise Plan Book or the Lose Baby Weight website recipes. In between those main meals I also have morning, afternoon and evening snacks consisting of things like boiled eggs, carrot and celery sticks, yoghurt, almonds, pieces of fruit, air popped popcorn.

I also pledged for this month that I would drink 3l of water everyday which I have been sticking to and to exercise a minimum of 3 days a week, one which I have actually surpassed.
I have been putting in 110% with my exercise, and my food has been mostly good, and although I know I am toning and gaining fitness I still like to see movement on the scales. And he is constantly saying it, and he tells me almost every day how amazed and proud he is for how far I have come. I will wear a bikini this summer, I will not have rock hard abs, I will not have super tight toned legs, but I will proudly put on a bikini and exude confidence because I can, and I should. I will not see the negatives, and the things that worry me, I will be looking at all the things that are great and I won’t let negative Lisa get the better of me. This was never a diet but a complete lifestyle change for me, and I committed to it 100% I’ve never experienced such a positive experience as I have with this plan IT WORKS.
We have a Scanpan Saucepan Set as FIRST prize worth $289 and we have 2 runner up prizes of a $50 Coles Voucher. I have had to modify a lot of the exercises to allow it to cater for my injury but I still find I am working up a sweat and it gives me a good work out. And if you become a member you can access recipes from previous challenges too. Click here for a free dessert recipe sample.

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