After months of talking to trainers, reading numerous studies and articles, watching videos, and interviewing people at my local gyms I decided to become my own experiment!  To finally answer the question you came here to find out, yes lifting weights to lose weight does work!
I’m not telling you to totally replace your workout with only lifting sessions!  Start small just by adding two sessions a week can help you reduce your overall body fat percentage by about 3 points in as little as 10 weeks, even if you never cut out a single calorie!  So breaking that down into terms that mean a little more  its as much as 3 total inches off of your waist and hips!  Does that not sound appealing to you!  Not to mention all that extra muscle that you have just added  gives your body a long term boost in metabolism!  So not only have you finally lost those pesky inches that have been hanging around, but since your metabolism is now in high gear it helps to keep your body lean and sculpted  all day! When adding Weight lifting into your routine it is extremely important to remember that Muscle is denser that fat!  It takes the same amount of weight but squeezes it into the same amount of space!  In many cases I have added extra pounds on the scale, but my clothes seem to be getting looser and my pant size dropping!  Don’t rely only on your scale it can be misleading and discouraging!  Go for inches!  I strongly encourage you to try adding weights to your workouts!  I felt a little awkward at first never having used weights before, but just like any new workout routine weather its cardio, zumba, plates, or weight lifting it becomes easier and you learn the moves!  You will feel like a pro in know time and see your body reaching goals you never imagined! My overall experience with lifting weights to lose weight has been amazing!  I still continue with my cardio routines 3 days a week!  I will and will always be a cardio junkie!
As you are visiting our Quit Alcohol website, there is a fair chance you are looking for a some help, support and a technique which can make giving up alcohol a genuine and real possibility. We understand that for some people, they may not wish to completely give up alcohol, but they may want to learn how to reduce or control their current drinking habits, once again we can most certainly help with this.
Many people would be aware, that drinking (alcohol) is like most habits in that, it can be very difficult to quit, stop or even reduce. If you would like to quit alcohol or to gain more control of your current drinking habits, Vilma Domavari and the Vitality Clinic would be extremely pleased to be of assistance. ??? ?? ????? ???????? ???????? ?????????? ????????, ???? ?????? ? ???????, ??? ? ??????? ????? ??? ?? ????? ??????? ?? ???????? ??? ????????? ??? ?????????. Please enjoy this post by my cousin Robby who has quit smoking and lost weight!  Two challenging things to accomplish.  I am so proud of him.
This last year after seeing my first stepfather (my first Dad) waste away suffering from emphysema, cancer and who knows what else before finally finding peace in eternal rest I resolved that I would finally quit smoking. I am only 32 and yes that means I started smoking at 12 sneaking smokes from friends with access to the deadly but oh so attractive (at the time) drug.
Over the years every time I did quit smoking I inevitably made an effort to fill the void with another vice but I was just making a futile effort & I would always come home to good ole nicotine. Having that constant reminder did wonders, our family has experienced a whole new world of foods stepping outside our normal bounds to try new and always healthy meals sometime without any meat. Like any other Monday I woke up groggy, still tired and wishing I could just close my eyes for oh..

I know the Eternity and Siselean shake helped my weight loss, mood and cravings as well as helping to release the stored nicotine and cut down on withdrawals but after the first Siselpop I knew I had found the answer.  Instead of grabbing my cigarettes I sucked on a Siselpop for 5-10 minutes!
What I experienced I am still reeling from, this is like a dream come true even more so since I expected nothing of the sort but all the same I QUIT SMOKING without really trying, even better!! Next I had to try the creamy vanilla high quality cold pressed weight management protein shake (SiseLEAN) that everyone who tried was raving about and what do ya know IT WAS GOOD and for less than two bucks and 80 calories a serving I got a nutritious breakfast that left me feeling full and satisfied. My theory is that there is a synergistic effect from the combination of the rejuvenating effects of the high dose of resveratrol in Eternity along with the vitamins, minerals & quality food substance in the shakes that gave my body the tools to rapidly heal itself while at the same time boosting my energy, stamina, mood and metabolism like I had never experienced before. Combined with the fat burning mechanism and appetite suppression of the Siselpops I was destined to lose weight.
It may sound ridiculous but I seriously NEVER thought it could be this easy to stop doing something that had rewired my brain well enough to make me believe it was what I wanted no matter how strong my argument to the contrary may be. Stay tuned and contact me if you're ready to start thinking outside the prescription online & off! Dani's Philosophy: I would not interfere with any creed of yours Or want to appear that I have all the cures. Those last couple pounds I wanted off my mid section would never leave!  Finally, I decided to do a little research and experiments of my own on the added benefits of lifting weights to lose weight. I am going to break it down for you and go over the 5 reasons you would be crazy not to add weight lifting into your weekly schedule.
Muscle burns an estimated three times more calories than fat, adding just two to four pounds of muscle to your body can translate into an extra 100 calories burned each day. That’s enough to reduce the risk of a stroke by 40 percent and the chance of a heart attack by 15 percent. We offer personalized memberships so you get exactly what you want, everything you need, and nothing that you don't. Contact the club nearest you to find out what benefits you can access with a Holmes Place membership. Over the years I “quit” many times but I look back and I can honestly tell you even though some lasted a year or longer I always knew they were breaks because deep inside somewhere, for some reason I loved smoking and I didn’t really want to quit I was just smart enough to know I should.

So I wrote down on a piece of paper, big and bold “ Eat Smaller Portions of Meat, Eat more fruits and Veggies, and Exercise Daily” and hung it in the middle of the house where I would see it several times a day knowing I needed to add “Quit Smoking” soon, just not ready. I did not have to go outside and freeze, my kids stopped telling me how bad I smell, my wife kissed me and I was feeling satisfied! However the final piece of the puzzle was fighting the oral habit.  I didn’t feel like I wanted a cigarette anymore but the habit of doing so was still present as a reminder that I was giving something up till I pop in a Siselpop and VOILA oral fixation satisfied!
Different things work for different people and I was lucky enough to find one that worked for me. These workouts are crazy, but they create a perfect combination of cardio interval training with lifting weights. Yes, you heard me right!  Just adding muscle to your body will help you burn more calories from doing nothing more that just having the muscle! In a large bowl, combine protein powder, almond meal, baking powder, salt, cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice. After many years of research and thanks to clinics such as the Vitality Clinic, those who may have a drinking habit can now access hypnosis therapy which is designed and aimed at helping people to either quit alcohol for good, or reduce alcohol. ??????? ?? ??? ?????????? ??? ??????? Mike Robbins (?????????? ??? ??????? «Focus on the Good Stuff» ??? «Be Yourself: Everyone else is Already taken») ??????? ???? ????? ??? ????? ????? ??? ?????????, ????? ??? ?????? ?? ??? ?????? ???????? ??? ??????. I was in desperate need of coffee and a smoke but kids like breakfast so I started the joe and got to cooking.
I’ve done it this time, I have beat the beast once and for all and will never look back. If you want to find out more about these programs when your done reading these articles you can read my reviews below!
I was excited to try them after seeing the results in others so why wait we quickly broke out the Eternity, SiseLean & SiselPops.

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