My body was already working hard trying to produce milk, care for a newborn, and adjust to this new life.
Once I did feel ready to exercise more, breastfeeding in combination with home HIIT workouts and occasional runs helped me shed a majority of the weight. However, I also think my body responded well because I had an active pregnancy.
I also just missed the mark on my 4% weight loss ?? I was so upset with myself, but reading this post this morning helped me feel motivated to keep working! Reality is I dropped most of the pounds week one post C-section, but due to still breastfeefing our daughter at 15 months and other factors (not steadily working out, trying to conceive a sibling for our daughter, moving twice, etc.) the last 5-7 pounds are still there. I remember after my first I was very excited to see about the natural easy weight loss of breast feeding.
My body seems to want to hold onto those last few pounds in order to keep up the milk supply.
I am due with my first baby any day now, and this was a great reminder that spending time enjoying those first weeks and months with him are far more important than fitting into jeans or getting back to a normal run time.
As an aside, let me just say, I was pretty sad the first few days after weaning, but am thrilled now.
Probably the expert on all things regarding breastfeeding is the International La Leche League (LLL). For this reason, it’s important that you work on a way to lose weight while breastfeeding that fulfills your nutritional needs too.
After the first two months, you can work on ways to lose weight while breastfeeding by eating a diet high in protein, complex carbohydrates and plenty of fruit and vegetables.
Moderate exercise is another important key to lose weight while breastfeeding, and it can be good for you as you handle the stresses of motherhood. Breastfeeding can result in ravenous hunger and thirst and you shouldn’t ignore this even if you’re trying to lose weight while breastfeeding.
Lastly, sometimes weight loss can diminish milk supply, and it is the opinion of most medical associations throughout the world that babies prosper best by being exclusively breastfed during the first six months. Jada is approaching 9 months next week, and we’ve continued to breast feed throughout.
I read somewhere about reverse pregnancy – it takes 9 months to grow a baby and it takes 9 months to get your body back afterwards.

Everyone who reads your blog knows that you are an athletic beast (seriously!) and it’s so nice to have you say to chill out and not stress about returning so fast. I walked for the first six weeks and I am currently pregnant and plan to do the same with this next baby. I do not have any children yet but they are on the horizon in the next few years and naturally I am starting to think about these things.
I’ve set simple goals for post baby number two (one to two years after) and am focusing on good eats, good loves (being with my family), good times (embracing a 5 minute work out or a 20).
It’s so helpful to remember to slow down and heal and soak up the moments those first 6 weeks. I think your approach of “less is more” is excellent and I hope others adopt that strategy as well!!
Thanks so much for the reality check- you look fantastic even if you are carrying slightly more than before Jada! Just as long as moms are clear that if you feel up to it, you should never feel guilty for taking the time away from your baby to go exercise for a little bit, even when they’re tiny.
This is my second pregnancy (and our last) and I seem to have been worrying about my postpartum weight loss instead of enjoying these moments that I will never experience again.
I still have a lot of weight to lose and inches to lose to get back to pre pregnancy size, and I’ll get there. I think first-timers don’t realize and second-timers+ forget how exhausting a newborn is physically and emotionally. New moms should focus on resting as much as they can and not about how soon they can lose the baby weight. I have decided I can’t get out if the house to workout right now so I am doing at home workouts while he is happily playing or sleeping. Trying to lose the last few pounds of weight while continuing to breastfeed is hard for me .
It was a nice break from my normal workouts plus there was no way I felt like doing anything else. Nursing helped torch calories early on, but I did hang on to those last few pounds until I weaned my girls.

Although, I did lose a majority of the weight, my appetite is still out of control–so I’ll likely keep those lbs till we are done! I agree that women are so hard on themselves and expect their bodies to rebound immediately. The moment I accepted my new reality and stressed less about not devoting time to the gym, the weight came off and I’m now back into my old clothes. But with all the stress of a new babe, going back to work, and all the adjustments that come with those things, exercise and me-time have taken the back seat. It’s true, breastfeeding helps you lose weight but I think it also keeps you from losing those last few pounds.
I struggle wih the lack if sleep and worry more about if I eat to restricted or workout too much or don’t get enough sleep that my milk supply will not be what it needs to be to keep him healthy. I didn’t care about my weight after having Nia and it all came off within the first 1-2 months of having her.
I know it’s going to be a long road back but I’m hoping an active pregnancy will help like you say!
I felt the need to return to my schedule of exercising every day very early (within a few days) after having each one of my three children, and I think that’s ok. So it was almost 12 weeks postpartum when I could really start getting back into a new routine. I think new moms should plan on having no expectations at all to avoid that panicky disappointment. I continued to go to the gym doing my weight lifting and cardio exercise all the way up to and including the day I went into labor. I think moms need to know that it’s different for everyone and to not beat yourself up if you’re not where someone else is!!

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