I would have a couple clients get really good results, a small handful get some results and a handful get very little in the way of results.
I began to become unconformable and insecure in my ability to get clients results.  This insecurity drove me to  start spending huge amounts of money on courses, books, seminars and a plethora of products to try and learn from the best people in the world. Although I was doing better and getting more clients results the second I had a client who struggled or couldn’t get results I immediately was overcome with insecurities again.
I would have a small victory with one client getting results and then be knocked back down by a client struggling.   Constantly feeling like I was taking two steps forward two steps back was exhausting. What the hell does this have to do with answering the question “how do I stay motivated to lose weight?”  Stop and think about this for a second.  What do you use to fuel all your attempts at losing weight over the years?   Think back to your past attempts at losing weight and actually ask yourself “How do I maintain motivation to lose weight?”  What tactics have you been using to try and stay motivated? I’ve been trying to lose weight my entire life – starting from the tender age of 5 or 6.  I seriously started trying to lose weight, however, in January of 2012, and have lost 150 pounds in the span of this roughly 18 months.  The time has flown by so fast!

My very first step was to start writing down everything I was eating, so that I could have an accurate view of my calorie and fat intake versus what I was expending through exercise.  I used an app called MyFitnessPal which was very beneficial.
Love yourself and love your body.  Know and believe that the best way to show yourself and the body the respect it deserves is by fueling it with good, healthy, nutritious food and showing it good exercise.  Sugar, chemicals, processed food, it’s all bad for you, no way around it – love your body and it will love you back!
My life since weight loss has had it’s up and downs, and everything in between, but I wouldn’t change a single day of it! Don’t assume that anyone with weight loss success has done so by being perfect every day, and don’t be discouraged and derailed from your ultimate goals when you’re not perfect every day.  I didn’t lose 150 pounds by eating healthy every day, never giving in to temptation, never missing a workout – far from it!  Instead, any time I slipped I said “Ok, it’s done, it’s behind me now, but my next day, my next meal, my next opportunity to work out, I’m going to be better!”  It gets easier over time, you learn to love food that fuels your body in healthy, nutritious ways, you learn to love sweating and working out.  Just keep at it and keep going! It's such a great feeling to accomplish a health goal, so why not inspire others to do the same? As soon as I was done a course, a book, an article I had to keep going because there was something else I didn’t know.

It is why I tell people not to be swayed by how long the process can take, because the time will pass anyway, and when it does you’ll be thankful you started when you did! From there, I cut down my calorie intake and cut down (and eventually out) as much “junk” and processed food as possible, including sugar, simple carboyhydrates, sodas (diet and regular!), red meat, and fast food.
I share advice, my stories, my struggles, motivations, even recipes and other resources.  It has been incredibly fulfilling and I am so grateful!

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