Amid the entire hullabaloo of going lighter and eating less during the Navaratris, we often go overboard and stuff our lunch packs with all the wrong stuff. Dietician Lata Sharma is one of the best & Famous Nutritionist in Nirman Vihar, East Delhi . The perception that substituting roti (carbohydrate) with endless servings of vrat ka khana, characterized by fried potatoes, sabudana papads, crispies, sweets, fruits etc will help in losing weight is a myth.

Explains Delhi-based dietician Aishwarya, \"Navratri food is generally starchy and needs a lot of oil to be cooked, which leads to constipation, since the body is not used to so much of starch. Online Diet consultation , online diet charts & customised diet plans provided for many services like weight loss, diabetes management (diabetic diet), weight gain diet, Diet for Cholestrol , Therapeutic Diet & other disease management.

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