There are many additional health benefits to taking a 5-HTP supplement that include, relief from insomnia, depression, Friedreich’s ataxia, anxiety, binge eating associated with obesity, and primary fibromyalgia syndrome. We have personally review clinical data that show our supplement will help you reach your weight loss goals in the quickest way possible without any side effects. This supplement is created from the seeds extracts of the Griffonia simplicifolia plant that grows in Africa. As a Canadian consumer you would never know the difference as we all trust what we buy in the stores and online to be 100% completely safe for use.
Fact is the seeds themselves contain 5-HTP up to 20% by weight making the most effective source where the plant contain much less. If your not taking a high quality supplement made in FDA controlled conditions you risk impurities and contaminants in the product. Our brands are approved for use by naturopathic physicians, integrative physicians making 5-HTP Canada your #1 trusted source. You can continue for no more than 12 weeks consecutively and keep in mind weight loss in most cases will not happen overnight give it some time before expecting to see results. When shopping for your 5-HTP in Canada or online there are a few ways to make sure you getting a trusted brand.
We always suggest you make sure to speak with your physician to ensure any current conditions or medication that you might be taking will not increase your serotonin levels in a negative way.

Because 5-HTP is a naturally occurring compound in the body, when taking a supplement to boost your natural levels it’s always recommended to take them for only a short duration, in this case (up to 12 weeks).
If you have any know health conditions like gastrointestinal problems you’ll want to be cautious as clinical data has revealed gastrointestinal side effects which include, abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. You may read or hear that taking a 5HTP supplement is unsafe but the fact is it has been studied for over 30 years now revealing even more health benefits than ever before.
One of the first clinical studies we looked at showed a group of overweight women who took a placebo and a total of 200 mg of pure 5-HTP before each meal.
Now is the time to let a trusted source like 5-HTP Canada help you reach your weight loss goals. Canadians will learn the best ways to utilize this powerful weight loss supplement to ensure your getting maximum results in the safest way possible. This is very important to understand because not all of the supplements you find currently on the market here in Canada and the USA are made from the seeds.
Fact is some manufacturers here in North America don’t even realize that the bulk extract that are purchased abroad and imported over here may contain extract taken from the plant and not the seeds. Studies on this plant overall are lacking sufficient data to support safe use and have negative bioactives (chemical molecules and microbes that have some biological effect on our body).
Try to take it 20-30 minutes before your meals each day to give it time to work in your system.

If you hear that people are losing staggering amounts of weight with a short period of time please be skeptical of these false hopes and claims. In addition you may want to avoid taking this supplement if you’re already taking antidepressants (such as an SSRI or MAOI) or suffering from severe depression or bipolar disorder as you may already be taking a drug that can effect serotonin levels. There are currently several clinical trials that exist showing it will lower the number of calories eaten resulting in safe weight loss. The women who took the supplement ate 1,084 fewer calories per day and felt less hungry during the day than those who were taking the placebo.
Some are in fact made from the plants themselves and this is not a very good thing at all because of the know side effects associated with the plant. Safe weight loss means slow weight loss, however if you’re taking your supplements properly you will start to notice a difference right away and it usually starts with your mood.
It’s been proven that this condition has been directly linked to impurities in some L-tryptophan or 5-HTP supplements, but not the L-tryptophan or the 5-HTP themselves.

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