At New You, we pride ourselves on having helped many Gastric Balloon clients to achieve their weight loss goals at a cost that will surprise, from all walks of life. I am writing to let you and the team know how pleased I have been with your service, it's been 6 and a half months since I had my balloon inserted and 2 weeks since I had it removed. I was a little doubtful about the effectiveness of the gastric balloon for me (having tried so many things) before I took the plunge with New You but now I am so glad I went ahead with the procedure having spent the previous 10+ years trying to shift the weight with nothing working. I have been home now for 2 weeks and just wanted to say thank you to all the wonderful staff at the clinic who took such good care of me, they are a fab team a real credit nothing was any trouble, ita€™s so nice to be looked after in spotless surroundings with people who clearly love their work and dona€™t just treat you as an inconvenience. I had my balloon fitted with you 4 months ago and I am writing to let you know how I am doing. Thank you for your last email, I am pleased to tell you I have now lost just over 2 stones over the last 4 months, the weight loss has slowed down a little bit now and I am finding it harder to shift more, but I will stick to it for the next 2 months and hope that I lose more.
Anya Obesity and Gastro Surgicentre in Ahmedabad was started by Dr Anish Nagpal, who is extensively trained in the field of Gastrointestinal surgery and Bariatric Surgery or obesity surgery. Bariatric surgery alters the digestive system to help people with severe weight-related health problems lose weight. America’s ongoing battle with weight-loss that has led to fad diets and invasive surgeries like gastric bypass and stomach stapling. The objective of the Orbera system is the make the patient feel partially satiated so they eat smaller, but more nutritious portions.
Marie Brown chose to undergo the procedure and credits Orbera for helping her lose over 20 pounds in three and a half months.
Brown said that the balloon acted like a “restart button” and retrained her body to adapt to a new lifestyle of healthy eating and exercise. Orbera is not for the morbidly obese or those who have had surgical procedures affecting the stomach or intestinal lining.
Acute dyspnoea usually requires immediate treatment, since it can be an emergency condition. The problem comes when feeling of breathlessness is unexpected, more difficult to improve, or unable to control.
A flare-up of obstructed airflow in the lungs such as COPD or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
A blockage in pulmonary artery in the lungs, such as a condition called pulmonary embolism.
Pneumothorax, this occurs when air in the lung leaks into space between the chest wall and lungs. Bronchiectasis, a condition of distorted and scarred bronchial tubes that causes a build-up of phlegm. Lung conditions associated with environmental factors (occupational lung diseases), such long-term exposure to asbestos.

Sometime, expanding waistline or gaining more abdominal fat is seen as consequence of getting older. For many years we all have completely understood that obesity is bad for our overall health.
Although gaining more pounds of extra weight, in general, can carry the risk of health problems, more fat in the belly is considered particularly more harmful. But according to studies, visceral fat is far more dangerous since it may has more contribution in producing substances that impair the function of insulin, increase blood pressure, and negatively alter bad (LDL) & good (HDL) cholesterol levels. In a study in 2009 published in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, obese participants with more belly fat are likely to have poorer lung function. Regardless of your age, whether or not you are a smoker, and your BMI – your excess belly fat may have an effect to impair with your lung function. Carrying extra pounds of weight, especially belly fat, can make your body work harder (including for your heart and lungs) – why? Our clinic in Prague has performed many hundreds of Gastric Balloon Insertions and is now recognised as a European CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE for this procedure, with many happy clients! I have been very appreciative of the support your company has given me since my balloon was placed and I would have no hesitation in recommending your company! As you know, I lost 3stone 9lbs and I am determined to keep it off having tried every fad diet known to man previously! It was no picnic for the first week after insertion but things did die down after about two weeks, like you said. The first week after I got home I was a bit up and down due to the side effects but the last week or so has been much better as I have been following your instructions.
Most of these surgeries are accomplished via a minimally invasive treatment or laparoscopic surgery.
Now, there is a new solution for people with a body mass index (BMI) between 30 and 40 that want to lose weight called the Orbera gastric balloon. In addition to eliminating the scarring and risks involved with more invasive options, Chattoo said that the recovery time is also much faster. It is meant for people looking for an extra jumpstart on a diet, whether the purpose is cosmetic or for health reasons. Chattoo said that even if the balloon were to pop, the saline would be absorbed and pose no harm to the patient. It can be acute (if it strikes suddenly, short-term) or chronic (it comes on gradually over a period of time). And for subcutaneous fat, it is extra fat in the belly that you can see since it is located just below the skin (see the following picture). It also triggers the excess production of estrogen that may contribute in causing colorectal and breast cancers.

The larger size of your waistline, the greater chance of having high blood sugar, high blood pressure, too low level HDL (good cholesterol), and high triglycerides. There is still no clearly answer of how excess fat in the belly has an effect in causing bad breathing such as shortness of breath! Below you can read a cross section of Gastric Balloon reviews and success stories from our clients and also our superb 'before and after' gallery!! So, to anyone reading this and wondering if it's right for them, all I can say is I too had my doubts (as a serial dieter and having taken every diet pill and potion available) but 3 and 1a?„2 stones and 6 months later you can't imagine how pleased I am that I decided to give the gastric balloon a try and New You certainly assisted me at every step. Ita€™s noticeable to all my friends and family, especially the ones who havena€™t seen me for a while. Laparoscopic surgery for weight loss is the standard way of losing excess fat in Morbid Obesity.
Bariatric surgery is available for adults and for adolescents who meet certain criteria at our Centre.
The hope is that patients can train their body to eat in a much healthier fashion without feeling overly hungry. Sedentary individuals are likely to have more excess pounds of abdominal fat, even though if they have healthy weight. Or you may feel embarrassed, change your behavior, and reduce the levels of your daily routines. This is usually accompanied by tiredness, and usual ways to control breathlessness don’t work! My hubby works offshore and got quite a shock when he came back home last week after 6 weeks away, he was so pleased and very supportive, it makes all the hard work worthwhile.
Dr Anish Nagpal is affiliated to major hospitals of Ahmedabad and uses minimally invasive techniques for bariatric surgery whenever possible. The weight loss has slowed down a little in the past month or so but I am aware that this is normal and will persevere with your instructions and guidance.
This approach offers smaller incisions, less pain, shorter hospital stays and faster recovery than traditional open surgery. The balloon remains in the patient’s stomach for six months and is then removed the same way it was inserted, through the mouth. For instance, it can cause shortness of breath (breathlessness) or make this symptom get worse!
He is doing all forms of minimally invasive surgeries, ranging from Gastric Bypass weight loss surgery, Lap Band surgery, Sleeve Gastrectomy , Gallstones surgery, Hernia Repair, Appendix surgery, Colorectal Surgery, Liver and pancreas surgery and all other complex gastro intestinal surgeries.

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