A passenger waits for a delayed flight at Heathrow airport's terminal four in London August 12, 2006. Bharat Bhatta, an associate professor at Sogn og Fjordane University College, said that airlines should follow other transport sectors and charge by space and weight. A second model would use a fixed base rate, with an extra charge for heavier passengers to cover the extra costs.
Bhatta’s preferred option was the third, where the same fare would be charged if a passenger was of average weight.
Airlines have grappled for years with how to deal with larger passengers as waistlines have steadily expanded.
United Air Lines Inc requires passengers who cannot fit comfortably into a single seat to buy another one. It would set a rate for pounds (kg) per passenger so that someone weighing 130 pounds (59 kg) would pay half the fare of 260-pound (118-kg) person. A discount or extra charge would be used if the passenger was above or below a certain limit.
Such carriers as Air France and Southwest Airlines allow overweight passengers to buy extra seats and get a refund on them.

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