This Christmas, I am grateful for so many things. I only hope you all are as lucky to have such an amazing family. First off, my two little boys who are growing up before my eyes absolutely loved everything about today.
First off, it was the first Christmas since my father passed away, that I actually saw the healing that has taken place over the years in my mom’s eyes. For those of you who read a previous post I made about forgiveness, you will know what I’m referring to. From the loads of new toys, wrapping paper, extra yummy food, and seeing their favorite family members, today was jam packed full of fun for them…and us!

Every day is hard when you lose a husband you’ve been married to for a very long time, but Christmas time was always one of the hardest. For someone who thought at one point in the last few months that she may never speak with a very special person ever again, this phone call meant the world.
She always put on a happy face, laughed, and carried on, but the memories and tears were not far from her heart, or mine.
From way out in chilly Alberta, a 10 minute phone call topped most, if not all material gifts this year. This Christmas was the first time I’ve ever really sat back and noticed how far she has come.

My father will always be missed, and close to our hearts, but it was so refreshing to see my mom on Christmas with not a care in the world, or none that I could tell!

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