It’s an annual event by Jamba Juice and Venus Williams that shares some of the best new fitness trends and new (not even released!) Jamba Juice menu items!
You use drumsticks in the Pound class and use the floor as your drum (there are lower impact options too). That looks like such an amazing event, and how cool to get to try out all of those classes and network with fellow fitness bloggers! I have been thinking about a post of Jamba Juice Recipes for Bieber’s fans for a while.
Sorbet is made in the same way like sherbet but without dairy products, hence it gives you less calories. If you have any more Jamba Juice recipes that you would like to share, please send it to me and I will add it. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

We tried 4 new-to-me fitness classes that are considering top trends in the industry right now. Venus spilled the dirt on her LEAST favorite exercise and Jake shared realistic advice on losing weight.
I rotate the DVDs so that I do about one a week, incorporated into a Jillian Michaels DVD, running, and yoga. News has it that his favorite Jamba Juice flavors are Pink Starburst Smoothie, Sour Patch Kids Smoothie, and Mango Tango Smoothie. I have a little boy with an allergy to strawberries, and almost everything that has a fruit blend includes strawberries.
That’s coming in the next post because it’s GREAT information and I don’t want it to get lost. I wish they offered more times for the rest of the classes offered but I’m glad I can usually make it to at least those!

Justin Beiber has been spotted for the second time smooching with his GF, Selena Gomez while waiting for their  in a smoothie spot!
MY PHOTOS ARE COPYRIGHTED AND THEY ARE NOT TO BE CHANGED OR ALTERED IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM WITHOUT MY CONSENT. This workout uses ‘surf boards’ set up on balls on the sand – so it feels like you are on un-steady ground, or water.
I prefer getting lost in the exercise so I don’t feel like I’m working out, but I’ve heard about people raving about the results.
However, I was the exception to the rule – about 84% of the other girls in the class did amazing!

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