Having worked with many different female clients, I can attest to the difficulty of getting their lower body as lean as their upper body.
Some of the things I we have tried are manipulating the ratio of macronutrients in the diet. So why is it that the fat on a woman’s hips and thighs is so slow to respond to tried and true fat loss techniques?
Fat release at rest and before eating (called basal lipolysis) is greater from upper body subcutaneous fat than from lower body fat.
There is no gender difference in lower body fat breakdown between men and women during exercise. Estrogen plays a significant role in protecting and ensuring the accumulation of lower body fat in women. I have tried to use this information with my clients to help them as best I can to get rid of stubborn lower body fat. In the end, what ultimately must happen, is that the upper body fat stores must be depleted before the lower body really becomes active.
There are a few other tricks of the trade, but if I told you all of them nobody would need me anymore…can’t have that now can we. This is a detailed explanation answering the question how to lower body fat without losing muscle.
If you jog at a low intensity, you are using a higher percentage of FAT to fuel your activity. The TAKE HOME is do sprint intervals, and in-between your sprint intervals days do low intensity cardio to recover and still do some fat destroying work. If you are the kind of person who wants to get lean muscle and get in shape for Summer in just a few weeks,then this program is for you! Regardless of which type, too much body fat is not a good news for your appearance and your health. You need to achieve that balance between the two in order to keep your body fat in the green zone.
Eating small meals, spread equally throughout the day, provides your body with enough nutrients and energy it needs to function as it goes. Even though it causes a bit of controversy, a low carb diet is much more fat-burning friendly than a diet high in carbs.
High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is the answer to your body fat lowering attempts if you are pressed for time or don’t want to spend hours on a treadmill (or running in the park).
Even though weight training is predominately associated with muscle building, it is also good for fat burning. Similar to HIIT, weight training can help your body burn calories for up to 36 hours after your workout.
Unless you are an athlete and know what you are doing, you shouldn’t try to lower your body fat below the 8-10% mark. As i know there is no such thing as Plateau, but you do need a refeed day where you consume high carb above maintenance to drop that last pound of fat.
You are going to look like a skeleton if you drop below 10% BF because your lack of muscle. I'm sorry dude, but beach bodies are made up of more than just candy, noodles, and peanut butter.
Look at the first graph in this article below that shows one can start shaving months off of life expectancy if your BMI drops below 22.
If you really are serious then the first thing you need to do is stop what you are doing and reverse diet to a normal intake. If you haven't started a heavy lifting program start now and as you add back in more calories you should start gaining back some muscle. Vismal said most of the time people just lack of patience to see the result WELL i being patience but most of you scolded at me and ask me to eat more including Vismal himself.
I see a lot of threads on here almost every day asking people to help them estimate their own body fat levels, and what an ideal body fat percentage is.
There is no single perfect answer to this question; each person is different in terms of lean mass, fat mass and body fat distribution. Over or near 20% bodyfat with no visible muscle definition and only a hint of separation between major muscle groups if those groups are very large. More muscle separation appears particularly in the chest and back, outline of the abs begins to appear slightly.
Muscle separations get deeper in the arms, chest, legs and back, and abs appear when flexed. Abs are clearly visible all the time, vascularity in arms is prominent, chest and back separation is obvious, and face is starting to appear more angular. Muscles and tendons begin to appear in the face when chewing, striations appear everywhere and vascularity appears everywhere.
Proper training can be learned in many other stickies, but in general you have to eat more calories than your body burns in order to add mass to your body. All credit goes to the writer of this article, without it I would never know anything about estimating bodyfat percentages. Eating three meals in a day can actually cause you to gain weight because your body craves for continued nourishment in-between these meals. Our bodies cannot do with fat because they are essential to the functions of our organs e.g. Many people cringe at the mere mention of physical exercises because these exercises can cause a great amount of physical strain. Drink water more often because water keeps you hydrated and it increases your metabolic rate. I am a health enthusiast who enjoys doing research and writing unbiased reviews to help consumers make the right purchasing decisions online.
Whenever people see me with my shirt off, the majority of questions and comments I get are in regards to my pecs.
The interesting thing about the fact that my chest is now my best body part is that when I started training, it was probably my worst!
Every time we would go through an intense chest workout, doing the same exact exercises, sets, and reps, he would tell me that his shoulders and triceps got a tremendous pump, but that his chest felt like it had hardly been worked. Within the next day or two he would again complain that he was sore as could be in his anterior delts and inner triceps, but felt nothing in his pecs. Over the years that we trained together my chest continued to grow and grow, while his chest never changed much. Then one day, just for the fun of it, the two of us decided to videotape a chest training session when we were both nearing a competition we were preparing for. We did a pretty complete job of taping all of the exercises from a variety of angles and heights.

On every movement, as he reached the top of the rep, his shoulders were ending up much higher than his pecs. My friend was effectively turning each of his pec exercises into shoulder and triceps exercises, while I was optimally stressing the chest with each movement.
Within a few months his chest started taking on new fullness and shape, and began to quickly match up to his excellent delts and arms. I urge any of you out there that feel your pecs to be lagging behind to have someone with a good eye examine your form on all of your chest movements. Now you are in position to achieve maximum pectoral recruitment with far less delt and triceps interference. Trust me when I tell you that if you are not used to performing your chest exercises this manner, it will feel awfully strange at first, and you will probably not be able to use the same weights as you normally do.
Apply Positioning For Pecs to the chest routines listed below, but don't be too upset if that tux hanging in your closet never sees the light of day again!
Over the years I have tried many different strategies to get them to lose lower body fat like men. At best, a low fat diet works for weight loss in the obese, whereas lowering carbs has a tremendous advantage in women who are relatively lean already (by lean I mean 18% or so). For example, using ephedrine and caffeine will not necessarily get rid of lower body fat faster than without it. Unfortunately, most women compete just as there upper bodies are ripped but their lower bodies have only begun to lean up.
There are a lot of things they may not know about or take into consideration when training a women.
Bryan has been bodybuilding for over 20 years and holds certifications with the NSCA, ACE, and is a member of the American College of Sports Medicine.
It will include the most common causes for muscle loss when trying to lose fat, how to avoid them, and exactly what to do to lower body fat without losing muscle in terms of eating and exercise. Your body can only utilize fat as an energy source with the aid of glycogen, AKA the deadly carbohydrate. When you do sprint intervals, you use less percentage of fat, but A LOT more calories are used. If you are going to be exercising longer than an hour, you must continue to ingest carbohydrates to keep your flame going to burn the FAT logs for clean energy. It can add unnecessary strain on your joints and affect your mobility but it can also increase your risk of diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. The small meals make it harder for your body to store fat because there won’t be enough calories left for it to store. If you were on a monthly contract, you will carry your unused allowances into the next month.
You need the protein to grow your muscles but it’s also a source of energy your body needs. HIIT is when you alternate between bouts of very intense exercise and low intense exercise. An HIIT session can increase your metabolism and fat burning for up to 24 hours after the interval training. My question is if i do not lower my carb intake all the time, i do not workout often, do i still need refeed day?
As I said there, you simply don't have enough lean mass to get to your goal without looking starved.
I admire the result from Vismal and he mention before dont care what other people say such as "dude u r too skinny bulk up", just keep go on and i do a lot of research, many of u here also mention as long as there is a deficit, u will lose fat! Slowly increase your calories 100 per day each week until your weight start to come up a bit. What you are trying to do right now isn't going to be good for you and will be unsustainable.
The easiest, fastest and, often-times if you are experienced, best way to estimate your body fat percentage is by practicing visualization.
Second guy is a little higher, maybe 14-17% (notice you can see his abs a bit; this is a testament to the wide variation humans have in body fat distribution).
This is because your do not have a lot of muscle mass compared to the guys in the pictures. If you are able to efficiently add muscle mass in your first couple of months of training, your body fat percentage will actually go down. If you are ever forgetful, just check this thread from time to time and visualize what specific percentages of body fat you happen to be at. Companies have come up with pharmaceutical products to reduce excessive body fat but there are serious side effects associated with these products.
Richards, a renowned clinical nutritionist, eating food high in fiber slows down your digestion system. Did I have access to an experimental protein powder developed by Eastern Bloc scientists that caused site specific protein synthesis in the fast twitch fibers of the pectorals?
During his first chest workout using improved body positioning, he could feel a pump and burn in his chest like never before. Every day that I am at the gym I see dozens of people with the same form flaws that my friend used to have. However, with time, you will get used to Positioning For Pecs, and it will become second nature, like driving a car. We are your personal trainer, your nutritionist,your supplement expert, your lifting partner, your support group. Though this does not explain the differences between men and women it does help to know that lower body fat is simply less active. However, insulin seems to make alpha-2 receptors more sensitive so lowering carbs in a strategic fashion can greatly improve results in the lower body.
Some of these things could really make a difference in a woman’s success at getting the body she wants. Changes in fat cell size and in vitro lipolytic activity of abdominal and gluteal adipocytes after a one-year cross-sex hormone administration in transsexuals. This is more scientific-driven, and more specific rather than generalized statements people have already read about.
When you break down the numbers of the total amount of FAT-calories burned, it is much greater with sprint intervals. The reason why you need to eat six small per day instead of three feasts is quite simple; it’s to do with how your body functions. Increasing your protein intake not only helps you build muscles but it increases your metabolism as well. It promotes muscle growth and therefore preventing any of that weight loss being muscle loss.

There is one more obstacle that hold me back which is i used to be a fat guy, now i have successfully lean down so i am afraid to gain fat again. This will tell you what your maintenance should be and it will also help your body normalize it's hormones etc. Don't kill yourself for an unrealistic goal but rather look for something you can sustain for life and try putting on some muscle. Calories in vs calories out is the only thing matters for fat loss and bulking, this is what you all keep saying as well and i follow. However, you can easily estimate body fat percentages if you know what the percentages look like (roughly) on other people. If you see yourself in the mirror and decide you have 16% bodyfat, it doesn't mean you should go on a cut. That is because simple math dictates that if your lean mass increases faster than your fat mass, the ratio of fat to lean mass will go down (resulting in a lower bodyfat percentage and a leaner but more muscular look for you). That level of dryness combined with such muscle mass retention is usually due to a combination of weight loss drugs and AAS. Your stomach will feel full because of the slowdown in digestion and as such, you will not eat any excess food. Working without rest causes you to gain weight because your body does not get enough time to recuperate and change its physical makeup.
What the heck are you talking about now?" Let me illustrate my point by telling you about a friend I used to train with years ago. My chest always got incredibly pumped and sore from training it, while my shoulders and triceps seemed barely touched.
We are also finishing up Rusty Jeffers' chest workout, followed by In The Kitchen with Tony Dodd, as he puts a healthy spin on meatloaf.
However, when I examined my own form, I could see that my ribcage remained high throughout each set, while my shoulders stayed down, pressed into the bench.
Each chest exercise, whether it be a bench press, incline press, dip, flye, or crossover requires the exercise to begin before ever even moving the weight!
It is not enough to start this way and then slowly break back into bad habits as the set progresses.
We provide the technology, tools, andproducts you need to burn fat, build muscle, and become your best self. Opening a training facility has been his life long dream, so that he may pass on his passion for the sport to others, in an ideal training space. High metabolism is good news if you are on a mission to lower your body fat because it helps the fat burning process. Well because when you do a cardio exercise, you raise your heart rate and you increase your metabolism which helps burn fat.
If you arent happy with your physique it's going to be much more effective to do a lean bulk, then after 6 month to a year return to fat loss. Do you know the fear and stress i have when you used to be a fat **** and finally get into this lean and now you trying to bulk up? If you've been doing a long-term, caloric deficit your body will need to normalize it's hormones etc and you need to let it get back to some stability. The smartest thing to do at that point is to find a good weight training program that will build strength and mass.
Eating less food means that your body fat percentage will reduce because your body is no longer converting as much food into body fat as it used to. For example, you can eat five or seven small meals in a day as opposed to three huge meals. Your body would benefit from an intake of Omega 3 fatty acids that normally come from fish and certain types of nuts. Joseph Mercola, a notable nutritionist, states that you cannot burn body fat without performing some kind of physical workout.
More specifically, your body stores more and more body fat to keep up with your unending activities.
Did I have a special, secret exercise taught to me by aliens from the planet Schwarzenegger? If a female client is trying to get ready for a show and is using birth control pills, I may suggest she use an alternate form of birth control until after the show. You can’t do sprint intervals everyday, your central nervous system will burn out and you will over-train. The only tricky thing about this fire is you must continue to gather and feed the fire with carbohydrate sticks or else it will start using nearby MUSCLE trees. I know my calories are low BUT again you all mention before if your weight stop dropping, cut more calories!! For example, you need to adopt a multi-faceted strategy that takes into account your diet, physical condition and your daily schedule. You should also think about consuming vegetables and fruits because they contain complex carbohydrates that will nourish your body and keep you from consuming unhealthy fats such as potato chips and fried foods. It will not repair or to build new muscles because you do not give it enough time to do so.
You should also avoid crash diets because your body stores more fat when you are on such a diet.
Losing weight workout resistance training, especially when you don't have much to lose, can result in losing lean mass rather than fat. It will help you to grow lean muscle as opposed to increasing the stock of fat deposits in your body.
You should also eat more during the day than at night because your body will completely use up the food you eat in the morning. You can start with some simple exercises before embarking on exercises that are more rigorous such as five-mile runs in the morning or evening.
Rest for at least eight hours a day to give your body enough time to recuperate and regenerate certain body cells used up during the day. This happens because your body interprets crash diets as periods of starvation instead of interpreting them as attempts at reducing body fat.
Therefore, your body will build up its fat reserves just as it would have done if you were starving. It was thought that if you could block the brake with yohimbine you could increase lower body fat loss during a diet.
I just want a beach body thats all, im not lazy, i have strong will power but i just dont know what should i do now!!!

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