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As before, when she turns her head the braid will be stretched a bit, depending on the angle.
There should also be parent-teacher meetings, and realistic report cards and academic awards when your sim graduates. Though these Traits typically dona€™t work into early sim builds, the Rewards Trait Gym Rat will allow your sim to build their Fun while exercising. Most of the options provide variable workouts to your sims, allowing you to vary the amount of exercise they get based on their mood.
Perhaps the most useful of the things youa€™ll gain is the relatively-innocuous command Drink Energy Juice. Also, unfortunately the hair resting on the right collar bone reacts a little weirdly to the chest slider sometimes, and I have played with different weights, but I just can’t seem to get it to work properly. When child sims first start school, they should get a moodlet depending on their personality, so a brave child would get an "excited for school" moodlet, and a coward sim would get a 'nervous for school" moodlet.
So maybe there can be like a basic world in the base game with different neighbourhoods that your sims can travel to. True, your sim wona€™t care if they muck up while engaged in a physical activity, but you shouldna€™t want them to muck up more often in the first place. A sim thata€™s feeling quite fit and Energized, for example, will do well with an Epic Workout, while sims that are tired or perhaps in a bad mood should stick to a No Sweat Run instead. Energy Juice adds points towards Energized, and unlike so many other options for changing emotions, ita€™s available anywhere, any time, for free, once the sim has already been working out.

This is handier than it sounds, as many sims are quite resistant to the idea of exercise, and will stop pretty soon after theya€™ve started.
Sims can work out for free at a gym in The Sims 4, which is wise if you're strapped for cash.
Family oriented or nurturing parents can get a negative moodlet that has something to do with their child leaving for their first day of school.OOH! So when you first start playing with a household you can choose a neighbourhood to live in.
Bodybuilder will give your sim the High Metabolism Trait, which allows your sim to remain fit and trim more easily. Unless you want to spend a lot of cash on exercise machines, your sim will probably work out by Jogging. That said, your sim will often want exercise equipment, so ita€™s wise to make a few purchases. Hygiene also plays a role in all this, and youa€™ll probably have to get your Fitness sims in the shower on a regular basis. This will allow you to build up Fitness much more quickly than usual, and with a minimum of fussy interactions with other objects. At current there are no money-making options for sims that are extremely fit, besides, perhaps, running around a lot and looking for things to collect. Sims should be able to have relationships with their teachers, instead of just disappearing into a rabbithole and being taught by nobody in particular. Your school aged sims should also be able to get into school fights, and another sim has the option to break up the fight.

Fitness-oriented sims are incredibly fit, have no trouble staying in shape, and are among the few skill-oriented choices that can technically reach level ten without a single purchase. This Aspiration also (and, Ia€™ll be honest, Ia€™m not one hundred percent sure if this is the cause of it) allows your sim to Push the Limits and keep exercising even if theya€™ve already been engaged in a long workout. On the plus side, mastering the Athletic Aspiration will earn your sim the Long Lived Trait, which extends their natural (ie no accidents) lifespan. Raising the Fitness skill is not easy, however, and your sim has to battle more issues than simple boredom to raise it high. Assuming you dona€™t want to spend any money, you can also send your sim to a gym to buff up on these other machines for free, also giving them plenty of chances to socialize with other sims. Consequently, you should try to devote a few hours a day to exercising your sim after they come home from work to keep their Fitness skill rising so you dona€™t hit any abrupt speed bumps.
I would like more varities in the TS4, TS3 has one city and a lot of sub urbans and no ruals,sub ruals and mega cities,witch was boreing. I'd also like the option to move to a different neighbourhood without messing anything up or without cheats.
This guide will provide some details on Fitness sims, and how the skill can be useful in other sections of The Sims 4.

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